A Case Study on the Harsh Treatments of the Elderly at the Sparrow Elderly Home

Working at an elderly home requires patience, assertiveness and high levers of tolerance. This is because elderly people have a lot of health problems that come with age. They are often unable to control their body functions and how their behavior as well. For that reason, employees working in an elderly home should be able to handle the elderly in a cordial and respectful manner not only because they deserve it but also because they are seniors who should be respected for their contribution to the society.

In the case study of sparrow elderly home, there are two scenarios that prove that the elders are being treated crudely.

Kim who happens to be a long-term employee in sparrow is spotted by Courtney harassing the elderly. In one instance, Courtney spots Kim mishandling an elderly lady while helping her with take a shower. In another scenario, Kim is surprised by Kim’s rudeness towards an elderly man who gets aggravated for losing bingo.

Kim threatens to use meds on the man if he did not get over the loss.

Courtney who feels disturbed by Kim’s treatment to the elderly people finds it necessary to report the incidences to the supervisor to have Kim’s behavior corrected but the supervisor argues in favor of Kim since they have been friends for a long time. The supervisor also states that if the matter was known by DCF, Sparrow would lose funding. Being the witness of the actions, Courtney was at a better state of reporting as a witness in accordance to Connecticut statues that require professionals who are in contact with old people to report any form of abuse (Kosberg, 2013).

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In most cases, it is difficult for the elderly people to express their dissatisfaction.

Courtney should have confronted Kim at first and ask her to change her behavior towards the elderly. If the cases persisted, it would be okay for Courtney to proceed to the supervisor to report. When the supervisor failed to take action, Courtney would have proceeded to a higher rank to report the incidences of mishandling and ill treatment of the elderly by Kim. By reporting the incidence, Courtney fulfilled her legal obligations but the failure to proceed to the next level for fear of losing financial aid for the home was unethical.


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