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TOC o “1-3” h z u Introduction PAGEREF _Toc21613386 h 3Goals of the Survey PAGEREF _Toc21613387 h 3Survey Instrument Development PAGEREF _Toc21613388 h 4Administration Processes PAGEREF _Toc21613389 h 5Data Analysis PAGEREF _Toc21613390 h 6Key Findings PAGEREF _Toc21613391 h 16Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc21613392 h 18Reference List PAGEREF _Toc21613393 h 19Appendices PAGEREF _Toc21613394 h 20

IntroductionZumiez is the multinational organization had enlarged value in market.

The productivity of Zumiez included the Some footwear have mesmerized value in market. Zumiez established in 1978and headquartered in Washington. It had enlarged productivity and served throughout the world. More than 1.650 employees employed in Zumiez multinational organization. Zumiez has various stores throughout the world. Some footwear is an effective brand which produced in Zumiez multinational organization. The quality services had been served by the organization named Zumiez and have practical economic value as well as the consumer value. Some of the significant competitors comprised of Aeropostale, HUF, Amazon, Google, DXL, and so on.

Multi-faceted marketing perspectives had been taken by the hierarchical management of this organization to promote the rand of the organization. The multi-faceted marketing process integrated to influence brand image by enrolling the consumer interests and activities. The study had been focused on marketing psychology and consumer behavior towards the some footwear produced by Zumiez. The survey had been processed to intensify the value of marketing psychology and consumer behavior in the entire market throughout the world. Consumer behavior gives perspective to the whole of marketing.

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The determination of consumer behavior also helped to influence the application of the marketing strategy of the organization. Moreover, the study is going to explain about goals of the survey, administration process.

Goals of the SurveyConsumer behavior is the significant factor which needs to be identified through the survey. Moreover, the value of Some footwear in Zumiez also had been determined through the study. Another key point included the purpose of buying some footwear. The survey helped to analyze the purpose of buying some footwear. Another than that the survey also helps to identify the efficacy of some footwear for sporting activities. The marketing psychology had been taken as another appreciable approach to enhance the marketing value of Zumiez organization (Zimmermann, et al. 2016). Hence the survey helped to identify the approachable marketing process to inaugurate the marketing process of the some footwear. The information about the productivity of Zumiez had been incorporated as another mesmerizing perspective of the study. The survey helped to inaugurate the effective information of the Zumiez productivity. Additionally, it also helped to evaluate the consumer value of Zumiez productivity. Apart from that, the similar products of other organization also had been searched by processing the survey. Consequently, it can help to inaugurate the mesmerizing process to apply to enhance productivity (Alversia, Michaelidou and Moraes, 2016). Thus it can promote the competitive quality of Zumiez organization and help to compete potentially against the competitors. The survey had been involved in collecting internal and external information (Crespo, 2018). Thus, the execution of the survey helped to gather significant information about the brand from family, friends. Moreover, it also helped to collect various information about the some footwear od Zumiez organization. Thus the survey helped to develop the marketing psychology to influence the productivity of some footwear. Rather than that, it also helped to gather relevant information about consumer behavior towards some footwear.

Survey Instrument Development

The term Survey instrument development generally gets referred to as a tool that cooperates while collecting the authentic responses from the selected respondents. In terms of a survey instrument, it defined the developed questionnaires that only get established considering the survey. Whether it comes to consumer behavior, it is seen that it plays an immense role while developing the chosen products. Besides, it cannot be denied that at the time developing any selected products; the consumer feedback plays a crucial role considering marketing psychology (Fan, Lau and Zhao, 2015). As the survey questions analyze marketing psychology with a more relaxed way, hence the marketer would feel relived while delivering satisfactory products to the target audiences.

Conversely, in this report, the sales volume related to some wear shoe in Zumiez across the competitive market would be demonstrated while consumers would feel satisfied after having the delivered products. The survey questions are included Some wear shoe-related questions, along with its beneficial aspects. Besides, the customer’s perception, as well as the related motives, would also be understood (Mani and Chouk, 2017). It is expected that the well-developed survey session would help the marketer to understand marketing psychology regarding the consumers’ preferences. The survey questionnaire would also analyse the consumers awareness regarding chosen product. A positive aspect would be evaluating the level of the Zumiez foot wears’ selling volume. Each survey question has been developed considering the regular requirements, as well as the consumers’ psychology. Also, the knowledge regarding marketing psychology would show the cooperation to the marketer for expanding the selected business. Apart from that, the survey would implement an efficient marketing strategy as well.

Consequently, the survey session would consider the different questions related to Some wear shoe in Zumiez. Its positive aspect on feet would set a target of the chosen product includes its objectives, including both rational and emotional. The marketing psychology would realise by this survey session as well (De O?a, et al., 2016). It is optimistic that the effective marketing strategy would cause profit through the innovative selling of Some wear shoes (So, et al., 2016). Across the Zumiez, marketing psychology will demonstrate through conducting the survey as per their fundamental demands. For instance, the preferred areas would be highlighted in this survey.

Administration ProcessesThe marketing psychology is concerned as an essential factor for any organizations as per their marketing psychology. Also, the term consumer behavior is observed to be enrolled as profound factors throughout the marketing psychology context. As marketing psychology incorporates the selling value of an organisation, hence it is appeared with an evaluated rapid growth based on the ecological consequences. Concerning the consumer requirements, Some wear footwear, Zumeiz have appeared with a profound growth in forthcoming days (De O?a, et al., 2016). Hence organisation Zumeix needs to develop the related innovative qualities while accumulating the immersed consumers’ values. On that note, marketing psychology through the chosen survey would initially evaluate the perception of consumer behaviour. Apart from that, the current paper would also go through the viewpoint of psychological analysis of the different kind of consumers. The well-developed survey questionnaire would recognise expert exploit opinions as well.

Concerning the way of survey, it can be said that the survey method would be perpetuated the purpose of data collection based on the information connected with marketing psychology. It sounds obvious that assessing consumer behaviour, as well as related marketing psychology, would prioritise productivity based on the perception of consumer behaviour. Thus the product related innovation is optimistic regarding enhancing the marketing psychology based on consumer behaviour (Mani and Chouk, 2017). On the contrary, the survey method had constructed to analyse the individual preference perspectives of selected consumers. Thus present survey is expected to find out the beneficial side of some wear shoes, Zumiez. Besides, survey responses are agreed to provide innovations in the context of Zumiez retailers. Throughout the survey session, it is observed that the significant approaches have taken an account to initially priorities the marketing psychology as well as the related Zumeiz productivity.

Consequently, the current survey would be concerned as a substantial factor while profound the prominent marketing psychology as per the consumer behavior. The beneficial sides of chosen product – Some wear Shoes, its purposes, cost management, marketing psychology perspective would be revealed based on the consumer perception in Zumiez (Fan, Lau and Zhao, 2015). At the time of the survey session, the questionnaire would entertain the study’s value considering the responses. For instance, critical review of the targeted respondents is seen to play a crucial role while presenting the consumers’ perception linked with marketing psychology. Moreover, the survey has seen to achieve the target objectives linked with the consumers’ behavioral perspective.

Data AnalysisA questionnaire was prepared, comprising of 10 questions that mainly focused on the factors affecting customers purchase decisions. For the monkey survey, 15 respondents were used as a sample, for the ease of collecting, interpreting and analyzing the data concerning consumer marketing psychology (student last name, student first name. “Consumer behavior and marketing psychology”.Questionnaire.10 oct.2019). Mainly the consumers aged between 18 to 65 years were selected for the survey.

(Source: Surveymonkey.com, 2019)

In the survey, most of the respondents were aged `between 18 to 24 years. The remaining respondents were aged between 25 to 34 years. The young people are the focus group of Somwear shoes. More than half of the respondents’ group were young and aged between 18 to 24 years.

(Source: Surveymonkey.com, 2019)

In response to the second question, this was seen that most of the respondents were unaware of the Some wear shoes. More than 65% of the respondents were uninformed of the mentioned brand. Only 33.33% of the respondents were aware of the some wear brand. (Source: Surveymonkey.com, 2019)

The third question was developed to understand the influence of family friends or perceptions of the consumers in the prospect of buying shoes. The data collected for the third question shows that 60% of the respondents are inclined to those shoes or brands that are recommended by friends or family members. Only 26.67% of respondents denied being influenced by the recommendations of the others. Among the respondents, only 2 reminded neutral, they did not comment on the influences.

(Source: Surveymonkey.com, 2019)

The fourth question was designed to explore the influence of advertisements and marketing campaigns in the purchase decision of the customers. Among the 15 respondents, 53.3% admitted that they sometimes buy the shoes getting influenced by the attractiveness of advertisements. While only 13.33% agreed to get affected by the advertisements always. Only 3.67% of respondents were not in favour of making purchase decisions based on the advertisements.

(Source: Surveymonkey.com, 2019)

The fifth question was developed to understand the impact of socio-cultural factors on the shoe purchase decisions of the customers. Among the respondents, 78.57% were found to emphasizing on social status while buying shoes. Only 14.29% of respondents were such who did not consider the social status in purchasing the shoes. Analyzing the data, this could be said that social condition of the consumers affects the psychology of the buyers and influence their purchase decisions.

(Source: Surveymonkey.com, 2019)

The answer to the sixth question was quite surprising. No respondents were got who only focus on the price of the shoes. Among the respondents, 33.33% was agreed only to consider the comfort of wearing shoes while purchasing shoes. However, 40% of the respondents replied to consider al the factors like price, comfort, and external look of the shoes before buying. 26.67% of respondents admitted considering the attractive look of the shoes before buying them. None of the respondents was such that avoid all the mentioned factors before buying shoes. The question helped to understand the preferences of the customers in the prospect of buying shoes.

(Source: Surveymonkey.com, 2019)

Most of the respondents admitted to considering the factors of cultural background (traditions, cultural beliefs) while purchasing the shoes. Only 33.33% responded not to emphasize on the cultural background while buying shoes.

(Source: Surveymonkey.com, 2019)

(Source: Surveymonkey.com, 2019)

In response to the eight questions, 66.67% of respondents agreed to prefer the organic energy comfortable shoes. On the contrary, only 33.33% answered to not favour the organic energy comfortable shoes.

(Source: Surveymonkey.com, 2019)

In response to the ninth question, 46.67% per cent of respondents were found to “always” get influenced by past experiences while buying shoes. 40% of the respondents were found to usual emphasise on the same. No consumer was such who do not rely on past experiences while making purchase decisions.

(Source: Surveymonkey.com, 2019)

In response to the last question, 73.33% respondents replied to prefer the popular brands while buying shoes .only 26.67 respondents denied preferring only the regular and popular brands.

Key FindingsThe analysis of collected data hade light upon the different aspects and attributes of customer psychology that influences purchase decisions. This was found that young customers are not aware of some were shoes. As they are not aware of the brand, they prefer to rely on the recommendations of the family and friends. This was found that sometimes the effective advertisements also attract the consumers to encourage buying the shoes of the brand. However, in young people, the recommendations of elders and friends have found to be a significant governing factor of purchase decisions. The study depicts that people are fonder of comfort wearing a shoe rather than the price. On the while, some of the young consumers are more inclined to the outer look of the shoes. Many of the consumers consider shoes as the symbol of luxury and vanity rather than a product of regular use. Hence, young consumers give more stress on the outer look and comfort of shoe ether than price. The survey found that the cultural background and social status also regulate the psychology of the buyers in the contest of buying shoes. The people belonging to rich cultural background do not look for the price of the shoes, as they intend to ensure the cultural ambience through the choice of shoes. As most of the respondents are young aged, they are aware of the recent issue of environment. Hence they are in favor of the organic energy comfortable shoes. Though the advertisements are useful tool of promotion of shoe brands, the personal experiences are found to be more dominating factor of consumer buying behavior. People mostly prefer those shoe brands that provided them with satisfactory experiences. As the customers gain satisfying experience from the bought shoe, they recommend others to use the same. In this fashion, the recommendation from families and friends stimulate other consumers to purchase and use the same brand. Once the brand becomes famous, people are more prone to use the regular brand and mostly avoid the upcoming brands unless their advertisements, campaigns and outlooks become attractive. In a nutshell, the cultural and social background influences people’s preferences, attitude and motivation regarding a brand. The family recommendations and advertisements impact the psychology of the customers by changing their perceptions. The personal experiences influence buying decision by manipulating the customer psychology. The opinions, cultural and social factor are found to be the prime contributing factors to customer buying psychology.

ConclusionIt can be concluded that the current paper had demonstrated the most crucial factors through the survey as mentioned above session. Besides, the developed questionnaire had identified the perception of consumer behaviour based on the chosen product. The consumer reviews had depicted the daily requirements as well as the related needs of the consumers. It is seen that the consumers were derived towards branded products. On that note, the survey questions portrayed the purchasers’ intention in order to develop marketing psychology as per the marketing strategy.

On the contrary, the survey revealed that family culture plays a crucial role while purchasing a shoe. The young aged consumers get attracted to a product that is also consist of highly appealing look. It had understood that the consumers are not all time aware of what they purchase. Throughout survey session, it had realized that understanding consumer psychology requires to amid marketing psychology. The collected responses focused on the changing behavior of consumers as well as the related requirements’ growth in the course of the time. In the end, it is optimistic that the conducted survey would help Zumiez productivity while evaluating the consumers’ requirements. in accordance with the responses, hence, the chosen company require to frame a strategy for surviving the competitive environment.

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