30 DIEP reflections31 DIEP 1 – Sessions 14Challenges

3.0 DIEP reflections

3.1 DIEP 1 – Sessions 1-4

Challenges Managers face


A manager is an individual who is responsible for controlling an organization or group of employees. I believe after finishing my Masters Program I believe when I develop in my career I want to develop to the best manager. The best method for me as a learner is learning by hearing that I get the most information from.


In modern day society managers are faced with multi challenges to remain competitive in the market: (I) globalization, (II) Leading a diverse workforce and (III) Encouraging positive ethics (Nelson &Quick 2017).

The world is like a village in modern-day business by the use of the internet. I can order an apple phone from Amazon and get it at the doorstep of my house. Hence managers have to be creative to adapt to modern-day business and drive business and to generate profit. In an organization like I am an accountant student I have to adhere to ethics and code of conduct while doing my task.

The diversity is people or students come from different background example: India, Malaysia, Kenya, and Nepal.

By studying Hofstede’s Dimension on the cultural difference I understand different countries have traits categorized as an example in group I come from Kenya and my colleague from Bhutan, Kenya has a high score on collectivism the same as Bhutan, both have high score High power Distance.


Modern managers have to the business and keep in mind of competition from other brands.

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Example Apple and Samsung

I did the global mindset on understanding myself I had a score of 36 which said I have an open mindset to meet and embrace other cultures. I have a friendly mind to mingle with other students from a different race


To be an effective manager I have to learn to be open-minded and able to adapt to global changes. I have to ensure that all workers are well-taken care, motivating employees and embrace ideas from employees and colleagues. I will always ensure that we corporate social responsibility.

I plan to have a mentor who is a manager so that I can learn great lessons and skills to be an effective manager. I believe learning their traits can develop an impact be a successful CEO just like Mark Zuckerberg.


3.2 DIEP 2 – Sessions 5-7



Communication is a way message/ information is passed from one person to another person, there have to be a sender and a receiver for it to be complete. Communication has played a key role in my daily life being in a university lecturer class, in our working areas, doing shopping. For the past


Communication has played a key aspect in my learning journey, especially in an organizational behavior unit. Engaging with fellow students in the discussion question and also the lecturer. In class, I learned how to know a good communicator a good example given in class is former president Obama is a good communicator. His a good listener, clearly passes message to the audience and well understood. Through attempting units question and engaging in class/workshop questions has increased my communication skills because I have learned from others. A good listener always asks questions when information is not clear.

The management can officially communicate to their employees through different channels to pass information examples; emails, memos, instant messaging, company website.


There was a group activity in class in which we were paired into two and we had to discuss one was travel agent the other was a traveller. I was a traveller saying out my ideal travel destination using a picture scenario of the place. On the other hand, the travel agent gave me the ideal destination I had to pay keen attention and listen to get the best out of it. The agent was a good communicator and I was a good listener.

I did a listening self-assessment questionnaire my score was 91 which state having listening habits.


3.3 DIEP 3 – Sessions 8-11

Power and leadership


French and Raven (1959) model included five bases of power- reward, coercion, legitimate, expert and referent. Power is the ability to influence another person. Example CEO implementing organization agendas.


Kanter’s ` symbol of power have different aspect one that I picked is procuring above-average raises for employees. A good example is Toyota’s quality control program empowerment. All employees working on the assembly line has access to an andon cord. If they see any quality issues, no matter how small, they can pull the cord to pause production and have the issue resolved.

Power in action a good example is the recent Australia Federal election where Labor and the Liberal party were competing among each other. Where Australia had a free and fair democratic election, citizens exercised their right to vote leader of their choice.


A good leader is someone who can listen to his audience and give a positive response and quick action. An example of a great leader is Mahatma Gandhi regarded as the greatest leader of all time. He was an exemplary leader, passionate about his work to a common person and easy going. He was regarded as the father of the nation and many leaders have to borrow or emulate his personal trait.

I did the self-examination on my leadership potential I got a score of 22 which states I have high potential to be an effective leader.


I have learned to be an effective leader I have to delegate his duties and authority diligently. I have to be a good communicator, take easy on criticism, set goals to achieve, if you are a CEO make time for your employees. I have to benchmark with leaders across the world and also learn from the past example of good leaders. This will make me be the best leader and produce the best results for my organization/ business. I have to ensure that I am not a dictator leader but

I have learned that a great leader leads and other follow. Exampled is

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