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Unit 4 – Managing an EventPlanning an Event in the Light of Paper

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Unit 4 – Managing an Event

Planning an Event in the Light of Research

Nathan Atkinson

13th February 2019



I have been asked along with a group of colleagues, to decide on an appropriate and significant event which can be staged and managed by the group. In order to undertake this, I have researched a variety of different types of events of differing sizes (summarised below)

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• Wireless

Wireless is the UK’s biggest annual music festival which is held in London’s Finsbury Park and has been running for the past 14 years. Throughout this time, it has been sponsored by O2, Barclaycard, Yahoo and New Look. It is so successful that it has to rely on trusted ticket partners as there are many people who attempt to forge tickets. The so-called trusted ticket partners are Ticketmaster (who operate on the front gate), Big Green Coach, City Box, Eventim, Festicket, Gigantic, Skiddle, Stargreen and Verve. They also have a strict policy on what you permitted to take with you to the festival and what you should not bring, to assist personal safety.

• World cup

The FIFA World Cup was founded in 1930. The World Cup itself consists of 32 international teams that have qualified by competing in a series of finals for the cup. This event occurs every four years and has occurred every four years since 1930 apart from 1942 and 1946 due to the second world war. Only senior men can take part in the world cup. However, there is a women’s world cup which applies the same rules and regulations. The world cup is so successful as a result of many factors, firstly football is the most popular sport worldwide. Addition as previously stated, the world cup only takes place every four years allowing people to look forward to it and gives football fans the opportunity to save up to go to the next word cup. Finally, its successful as it gives millions of people a sense of patriotism as everyone comes together to support their home country.

• Wimbledon

Wimbledon is the oldest tennis tournament in the world and its thought as being the most prestigious by many as well. The tournament which occurs on grass outdoor courts has been running since 1877 in Wimbledon, London and lasts for two weeks in the British summer time normally in June/July. This year the tournament will take place between the 2nd and the 15th of July, therefore lasting for a duration of two weeks.

• Race for life

This is a charity event that fundraises for Cancer Research UK. Despite being called a race, participants can run or walk depending on their fitness and ability. The funds raised through Race for Life goes towards fighting 200 types of cancer. In the early days of these charitable events they were strictly for women only. However, now both men and women can take part from all backgrounds and age groups. This has resulted in Race for Life becoming immensely successful with 150 5k races across the UK.

• Royal wedding

This is a celebratory ceremony where a member of the Royal family marries. The most recent royal wedding was between Prince Harry and Megan Markle on the 19th of May 2018. Statistics show that over 23.8 million Britons got married after the Royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton in 2011.

Undertaking this research has assisted me in developing a detailed feasibility plan for our chosen event. Furthermore, I have been able to establish what is necessary when it comes to planning an event to ensure it is successful.

Aims and objectives

After much pre planning discussion, we agreed that as the event is aimed at all students on Level 3 Business, we must consider their wants and needs and aimed to host a student dodgeball event with all proceeds being donated to Macmillan Cancer Support.

The event is scheduled to take place on 10th April between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. in the Weigh In within College, as we believe this is a suitable venue for the dodgeball event and will ensure the event will not be affected by adverse weather conditions. We also agreed that it is important that we allow sufficient time to organise all facilities and activities associated with our Dodgeball event so that it begins at 10 a.m. as planned.

Our team estimates that there will be 25 participants, which the Weigh In can safely hold, who will form five groups of five and the event is expected to last one and half hours.

As our event will require the use of specialist equipment, namely dodgeballs, enquiries were made to obtain these, rather than us having to purchase them and we were able to gain a contact within the Physical Education Department of a local school who has permitted us to borrow these.

Further to establishing the approximate number of participants, we were able to evaluate first aid requirements and agreed to take a first aid kit into the Weigh In and to report any serious incidents to the Medical Room, who have been notified of the event.

A variety of refreshments have been purchased for the participants and additionally toilet facilities are available near the Weigh In. Provision for lost property will also be made.

We aim to give ourselves as much time as possible to organise the event, but due to the size and scale, estimate this will take up to 6 weeks to organise.

Completion of our pre-planning enabled an Event Plan to be developed, which details all the information associated with the planning and delivery of the event.

After the Dodgeball event has taken place, our group felt that we should meet to discuss and evaluate how successful it was as this may be beneficial should we need to plan and host future events.

Detailed budgets

We were fortunate that our event budget only had to cover the cost of refreshments and visited several stores to get the best value for money to ensure our budget was realistic.

However, we did take account of the fact that prices may change and added a contingency figure for this.

Item: Amount: Price per item: Contingency: Total:

Sweets 3 bags ?1.00 0.60p ?3.60

Pepsi Max – 2L 2 bottles ?1.50 0.60p ?3.60

Plastic cups – 50 1 pack ?1.00 0.20p ?1.20

Ice – 2 kg 1 pack ?1.00 0.20p ?1.20

Venue – Weigh In ?0.00 0.00 ?0.00

Dodgeballs 3 ?0.00 0.00 ?0.00



Each member of the team agreed to contribute ?2 to cover the refreshments costs. While we could have taken this from the donations gained from the participants, we all agreed that we wanted Macmillan Cancer Support to receive these.

We were also fortunate to have a contact within a local school who was willing to let us borrow three dodgeballs, as otherwise we would have had to purchase these.

Catering requirements

Catering facilities will not be provided at the dodgeball event. However, caterers at events must be licensed and have food hygiene certification.

Venue facilities and access/parking

The Charity Dodgeball event is to be hosted in the Weigh In within the College as this is clearly visible and accessible to all participants and provides suitable access for emergency services, should these be required. Toilet facilities are also available

nearby. Hosting the event indoors also ensures that the event will not be affected by the weather conditions on the day.

Permission has been gained from the Premises Officer to stage the event and confirmation given that we will not being charged for use of the Weigh In.

Legal constraints including a risk assessment

While students attending may have a disability, we didn’t feel it necessary to make any provision for them to safely enjoy the event.

Consideration was given to the chance of an emergency situation arising during the dodgeball event, but a decision was made not to prepare an Emergency Plan due to the College already having procedures in place to deal with such incidents.

Organisers of larger events must ensure that all required permissions and licenses are in place for the event. The main licensable activities are associated with the supply of alcohol and with regulated entertainment, which includes activities such as the performance of a play, exhibition of a film or performance of live music. There may be set conditions relating to the licence and the event organiser must consult with the venue to establish whether set conditions are enforced at the location of the proposed event.

The type of event determines the type of activities to be held and therefore consideration needs to be given to any specific hazards associated with these activities.

It is imperative that structures, such as staging, seating, marquees and lighting structures, etc are erected safely and certification is obtained from the relevant contractors as a record of this. Any structures which have edges that protrude or loose parts which may cause harm also have to be clearly marked.

All barriers and other protection against hazards have to be securely in place to ensure there is no risk of falling from staging or other facilities. The barriers being used also must be appropriate to the purpose they are to serve. All fire extinguishers and emergency signage must also be located within their appropriate places.

All lighting must be checked to ensure it is working, including any emergency lighting and the public address system must also be checked to ensure it is working and that it can be heard in all areas. Additionally, all facilities and attractions must be correctly located as shown on the site plan as most emergency services will request to see this prior to the event.

RISK ASSESSMENT FOR: Charity Dodgeball Event

Date of Event: 10th April 2019

Event Organiser: Pain Au Chocolat

Venue: Weigh In at South Leicestershire College

Assessment by Nathan Atkinson and Henry Whatsize – 6th March 2019

Hazard / Risk Who is at risk How can the hazards cause harm Control measure Risk Additional measures required


Insufficient space

Blocked exit routes





Delayed fire evacuation

unsafe access and exit

Maximum number of attendees established.

Acceptable space to circulate and for emergency exits.

Designated entrance and exit points.

Adequate numbers of staff / PTA supervising

Agreed emergency procedures in place Unlikely No

Use of specialist equipment






Property damage

Cuts / abrasions, muscular skeletal and other physical injuries

Slips, trips and falls

Sufficient supervision

Limit on numbers using equipment

Sited in appropriate location

Possible No

Insufficient first aid cover





Accident, injury,

delayed assistance in an emergency

First aid equipment on site and close to use.

Qualified first aiders within College

Telephones available in College Unlikely No

Access and exit

Unplanned access






Clearly designated exit routes

Sufficient supervision Unlikely No

Insufficient welfare facilities





College toilets are used.

Very Unlikely No

General lifting and carrying





Cuts, abrasions, muscular skeletal and other physical injuries

Manual handling minimised as much as possible

Appropriate footwear worn

Floor surfaces unobstructed and slip free Unlikely No

Surface of internal areas

Slips, Trips and Falls





Cuts, abrasions, muscular skeletal and other physical injuries

Immediate cleaning up of spillages

Ensure arrangements are in place for clearing up and safely disposing of any litter left after the event

Regular premises inspections. Possible No

Supplying Refreshments

Poor standards of hygiene

Physical contamination





Bacteria and


Personal hygiene

Cuts etc are covered with waterproof adhesive dressings Very unlikely No

Insurance requirements

As the Dodgeball event is being hosted at the College, who possess Insurance, we didn’t have to arrange this. However, Public Liability Insurance is essential for any Event Organiser. All events require this and proof of this in the form of a valid insurance certificate is required. In terms of the level of cover, under no circumstances shall this be less than ?5 million and may be a higher limit if deemed necessary.

Furthermore, all contractors and performers may require their own public liability cover with a ?5 million Limit of Indemnity, and the Event Organiser must take responsibility to ensure that this in place.

Depending upon the nature of the organisation and the size of the proposed event, other insurances may also be required.

Should a major incident occur, the Event Organiser must contact their insurance company and be able to provide the names and addresses of witnesses, and any other supporting information such as photographs. An accident form also has to be completed. However smaller incidents can usually be dealt with appropriately at the event and generally wouldn’t require following up.

Should any person declare an intention to make a claim following an alleged incident associated with the event, it is important to contact the insurers as soon as possible.

The allocation of team tasks

Our team consists of myself, Henry, Esme, Molly and Natalka and we call ourselves ‘Pain Au Chocolat’ and each one of us were allocated specific responsibilities.

Natalka nominated herself as Team Leader who would be in charge of all paperwork and allocated the other team members individual roles based on our strengths and weaknesses.

I was allocated the task of preparing a risk assessment, undertaking some primary research on pricing of the refreshments to assist with the preparation of the budget, booking the Weigh In and notifying the medical room of the event.

Henry agreed to assist me with the risk assessment together with assisting Molly in designing a poster to advertise the event.

Molly was also allocated the task of collecting the ?1 donation from each participant, which would be given to the chosen Charity and for preparing the budget and would assist Esme with the Contingency Plan.

Esme also took responsibility for all forms of advertising, social media and producing invitations.

Each member of the team assisted in circulating invitations for the event and agreed to safely set up the table located nearby for refreshments in the Weigh In.

The team will ensure that all first aid facilities and fire extinguishers are in place, together with waste bins and all relevant signage.

It was agreed that a walk-through inspection of the Weigh In should be carried out immediately before the Dodgeball event to identify any potential hazards. Additionally, all members of the group will constantly be on the lookout for hazards which could develop during the event and will clear any rubbish, recycling waste where possible, to ensure the Weigh In is left in a reasonable state. A visual inspection to ensure that there is no damage will also be undertaken.

All team members are to be fully briefed and understand their individual and shared responsibilities.

Activity Lead w/c 25th Feb w/c 4th Mar w/c 11th Mar w/c 18th Mar w/c 25th Mar w/c 1st Apr w/c 8th Apr Post Event

Planning and evaluation Agree event objectives All

Assign leads for each task / group of tasks


Complete draft budget template Molly

Attendance Draft guest list All

Send invitations All

Publicise event


Venue Consider venues All

Book venue Nathan

Arrange facilities All

Complete Risk Assessment Nathan and Henry

Refreshments View and agree refreshments All

Price refreshments Nathan

Purchase refreshments


Communications Design promotions Molly and Henry

Distribute promotions All



Post event All

At larger events, it is essential that all stewards can be easily identified and wear the correct clothing to assist with this. Depending upon the size of the event there may be other equipment required, such as radios.

Methods of communication

Raising the profile of an event also needs consideration and there are a number of ways to publicise this, which vary according to the size of the event.

Participants of any event need to be given an idea of what the event consists of. Therefore, it is extremely important to really sell the event as the majority of people will make their decision whether to attend or not based on this.

The dodgeball event is to be advertised on social media, by placing posters around the College and additionally invitations are to be circulated.

Contingency plans

Contingency planning is vital as even the best made plans are unable to guarantee that nothing will go wrong and when a major problem occurs, it is critical to react quickly and appropriately.

Event Likelihood Impact Solution

Unable to use booked venue Low Medium Use the football cage on the adjoining Park (weather permitting)

Team member goes missing temporarily Low Medium Designate a Trouble-shooter within the team to address such problems

Injuries and accidents Medium Medium/High Organise first aid or make Medical Room aware.

Ensure entrances are not blocked so emergency personnel can assist

Loss of refreshments Low Low Trouble-shooter to detect problems as soon as possible

Keep spares or use others to go to shop to re-stock


Pre planning is critical as you need to have a clear purpose and understanding of what you want to achieve.

For an event to be successful you need to know who your target participants are and what they need and want.

You also need to make sure that your event participants experience starts way before the actual event by ensuring that marketing literature is available, which clearly outlines what the event is about and informs the participants of the benefits.

It’s also vital to make everyone feel welcome and included throughout the entire event so they walk away feeling like they are important.

It is imperative that any problems which arise are addressed as soon as possible to enable solutions to be offered. Priority must be given to the safety of all participants at any event.

Finally for an event to be successful, it is critical to use various planning tools such as a Risk Assessment, Contingency Plan, Gannt charts (included above) as these enable you to consider issues which perhaps wouldn’t have been addressed otherwise and puts into perspective how much time you realistically have to action the required activities associated with an event.

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