War on Terror

The aftermath of the two counter terror wars waged by the Bush administration at the turn of the twenty first century has brought up the question; if a just war is dead. To assess that assertion, we must first considered what is a just war by looking at the just war tradition. Then using that Read More

Agenda for a Generation

This essay is filled with many typical 1960s views of the American life and the world in General. It tells people of how the American society is corrupted and has major moral problems. It tells of all the mistakes and future mistakes the United States has wrong. Although it makes many valid points it is Read More

Why was the Atomic bomb dropped

Why did the USA drop the atomic bomb? An intriguing question with a number of chilling and inexplicable answers. I am going to give you my opinion on this catastrophic event which many felt was unnecessary and inhumanely atrocious. This topic has been at the heart of many historians arguments and always becomes inextricably correlated Read More

Why were US forces withdrawn from Vietnam in 1973

Around the world, there was a climate of detente as the Cold War between the US and Russia was beginning to thaw. Governments, both communist and democratic, began to realise that political aggression would not lead to peace and prosperity for all parties. Pressure came from both international governments and domestically for the US to Read More

Peace movement in America

In 1967, there were 100,000 protestors outside the Pentagon in Washington. 4 years later, the figure trebled to 300,000 when the Veterans March took place. There was a reason for this blow-up in protestors. When the Vietnam War first began, only 3,000 men were conscripted into going over there. Eight months later, more than 33,000 Read More