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Muslim Antagnonism

Muslim antagonism has always been of discussion in the United States stronger than ever since the September 11, 2001 incident, where two US air passenger carriers were hijacked by Afghanistan terrorists. After the incident the coalition was closely drawn together of terrorists and Muslims as different views began to arise on the matter of Muslim Read More

A Comprehensive Picture Of America During 1890-1940

The rapid growth of American cities and population in the last decades of the nineteenth century had turned some of the American cities into places of crime, violent, corruption, congestion and disease. This article is about the historical and socio-economic background of America which led to the development of modern crime, crime-fighting forces and crime Read More

Success In Black America

Black success has been a very controversial and debatable issue over the past several years. First, we have to ask ourselves, what exactly does success mean? Well, according to Webster’s dictionary, success is the achievement of something desired or attempted. Some people believe that black America has not achieved success. They deem that if any Read More

Migration in the News

Nineteenth century and although it has gone through many changes along the way, it still continues today, with around 8million Mexicans in the USA in 2000 (cis.org). The article focuses on low-skilled labour migration to the USA, in particular undocumented and illegal migrants who have crossed the border to work at a meat packing factory Read More

Made en América

In “Hecho en America”, Jeanne Marie Laskas, a correspondent for GQ Magazine, recounts the season that she spent picking blueberries in Maine alongside “the constant wanderers who put fruit on our table. ” (150). In the article, she states that, “Most of the people who pick our food come from Mexico but to most of Read More