Starbuck’s – market overview, global strategies, and expansion plans

Despite unfavorable market conditions over the past few years, Starbuck’s has experienced steady growth. Unlike other American firms, like McDonald’s, Starbucks does not rely heavily on global expansion as its main growth vehicle. The firm has maintained same-store sales domestically and used its success to foster international growth in markets that were previously unattainable. Today, Read More

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Starbucks Coffee Company

Starbucks had a humble beginning with one small store front in 1971 at the famous Pike’s Place in Seattle, Washington. The inspiration for Starbucks came from Peet’s Coffee and Tea who started importing fine Arabica beans from around the world (Arthur, 1999). At that time Starbucks had a simple mission of providing the world’s finest Read More

Starbucks Leadership Structure

Strong leadership strategy and efficient leadership culture are an integral part of any entrepreneurship. Predetermining the course of the company’s actions, the strategies that are going to be chosen in the relationships with the customers, and the specifics of the organizational behavior within the firm, these elements serve as the building blocks for the company’s Read More

Starbucks Global Growth Strategy

Starbucks had its humble beginnings in 1971 when it opened a single store in Pike Place Market, Seattle. Its visionary CEO Howard Shultz came on board in the year 1982 as the Director of Retail Operations and Marketing. Its first overseas store was in Japan in the year 1996 (Starbucks, 2010). With its foray into Read More


Starbucks’ efficient use of competitive intelligence, which involves buying only the finest coffee beans, extraordinary consumer service, expansion and acquisition, has constantly aided the company keep its edge over its closest competitors. Starbucks prides itself in selecting only the best coffee beans. Choosing the world’s best arabica coffee beans over the lesser-class robusta has helped Read More

A Cup of Coffee from Starbucks

They say that coffee is one of the most drank liquid in this universe; from the poor to the richest people around the world. It is one major commodity in line with oil. When we talk about coffee the first thing that would enter our consciousness is starbucks. Because it has already established its reputation Read More

Saving Starbuck’s Soul

“Who will save your soul, if you can’t save your own,” are popular lines from one of the songs by singer and songwriter Jem. The Starbucks strategy in the past has created effects that have commoditized the brand. The Starbucks strategy is based on experiential marketing. The company indulges in story telling to achieve its Read More

Starbucks Coffee

Starbucks Corporation is a global leader in retailing, roasting and a brand of specialty coffee and flaunts more than 15000 company operated and licensed locations in the six continents. The company’s headquarters are in Seattle and is incorporated in Washington State in America. Among other commodities under the brand name include Tazos Tea, Starbucks ice Read More

How does Starbucks deal with 5 management principles

Management has been defined in various ways by different authors and scholars; however most of these definitions converge towards one definition. Management is the process that entails planning, organising, leading and controlling all efforts of members of an organisation and the use of other organisational resources to accomplish organisational goals. Management is, therefore, a systematic Read More

Starbucks and Conservation International

Treating coffee as one of the most important commodity in the international market, due to its influence over biodiversity and natural resources, serves as the link between CI and Starbucks. Starbucks, known for its high quality coffee beverages anchored itself from the supply of high quality coffee grains in the market. On the other hand, Read More