Performance – Enhancing Drugs In Sports

The pressure to succeed in sport for an elite athlete can be immense. The pressure applied on them from coaches, sponsors, friends and family and even fans can sometimes be too much to cope with. Due to this, certain athletes believe that pole finishes and good results are an absolute must, and will sometimes go Read More

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Rugby and New Zealand national identity

“The appearance of naturalness is always a construction”. Naturalness here indicates the appearance that is as close as to the reality. However, the reality itself differs in different people’s point of view, therefore how audiences make reception depends on what texts the producers use. Sports influence the identities of even those who claim no interest Read More

Pete Rose Controversy

Gambling. Addictive, dishonest, and low. These are just some of the words that come to mind when thinking of the so called sport. But what would people say about illegal gambling? From 1987 through 1988, Pete Rose decided to violate one of baseball’s golden rules and bet on the team he was managing. Now at Read More

The Hunter is Not the Hunted

What is a sport? A sport is any activity that involves three main ingredients: teamwork, competition, and skill. Take a minute and think about three typical sports: baseball, football, and basketball. All three are physically strenuous activities; in addition, they all face an opponent that is equal in the knowledge of the sport, as well, Read More

Contemporary Sports Issues

The use of stimulants to improve an athlete’s performance can be backdated all the way to the Ancient Greek times ‘…it was Galen who reported that ancient Greek athletes used stimulants to enhance their physical performance’ (Mottram 2003, p29). From then till the modern day one vital thing has never changed, athletes wanting to win. Read More

To play fairly means that we must always abide by the rules of the game, as written in the rule book

Fair play is, ‘the adherence to criteria of fairness implied by the idea of mutual quest for excellence'(Keating, J., Sportsmanship as a Moral Category, Ethics, Vol.75 (1964), pg 25-35 This report is intended to critically discuss the title statement, with the objective being’ to persuade the reader that a competitive game can be played fairly Read More

Physical Education and Human Biology

While studying Physical Education and Human Biology at A level, my passion in sport and its relation with the human body has continued to grow and develop. As a keen sportsman I want to develop a career in the sports industry, using the knowledge gained through study to enhance my opportunities in this exciting area. Read More

Gap Analysis: Lawrence Sports

The Lawrence Sports dilemma has reached the fourth week of investigation. Lawrence has recently gone through numerous issues regarding cash flows that have disrupted the normal operations of the company. While these issues appear to be ongoing, part of the underlying problem deals with supply chain management. Lawrence currently has two suppliers that offer the Read More

Local and national provision of atheletics

The Governing Bodies for athletics are IAAF (International Amateur Athletic Federation) who’s primary mission is to charitably assist the world governing body for track and field athletics and its affiliated national governing bodies in perpetuating the development and promotion of athletics world-wide. UKA (UK: Athletics) aim is to co-ordinate and support rather than intervene and Read More