Participant observation studies have little value in sociological research because they are too subjective

The view above is supported by the positivist. They argued that sociologist should not be concerned with the internal meanings, motives, feelings and emotions of individuals which are the aspects looked from a participant observations method. Since these mental states exist only in the person’s consciousness, they cannot be observed and they cannot be measured Read More

Critiquing: Scientific Method and Study

In this essay I shall be critiquing an article titled “Nurses’ preparedness to care for women exposed to intimate partner violence: A quantitative study in primary health care. This study was written by Eva M Sundborg, Nouha Saleh-Stattln, Per Wandell and Lena Tornkvist. The study discussed the impact that intimate partner violence has on women. Read More

Importance of Qualitative Research

A lot has been researched and written on the problems bring about by failure in debt management. Countries such as Greece and Iceland have fallen or on the verge of falling into bankruptcy, financial giants such as Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. and Washington Mutual Inc. were also not spared being wiped out of business due Read More

Business Research

Team D has chosen McDonald’s as our organization. We believe that the biggest challenge currently facing McDonald’s is meeting the demand for healthier menu options. Many health and educational organizations blame McDonalds for the obesity epidemic that plagues the young and old alike. The focus on health has increased dramatically in the last few years, Read More

Quantitative Research

This commentary will analyse the key principles of the research methods used in the research of students attitudes to politics, society and crime. It will discuss where this research lies on the inductive/deductive spectrum and why, the strengths and weaknesses of quantitative methods of research in relation to the survey and finally why quantitative research Read More

Qualitative vs Quantitative Research

One may be dazzled by the thought of qualitative researchers applying their standards to quantitative research and vice versa. This is because each entity functions within different assumptions. And if this is assumed to be so, we would surely find flaws with one approach against the standards of another. And this does little to promote Read More

Quantitative and qualitative research

Quantitative and qualitative research approaches in education have been used in a variety of settings, based on the needs of the researcher. The quantitative research approach is used based on the assumption that the researcher is trying to obtain facts, while the qualitative research approach acknowledges the researcher’s viewpoint and its impact on the end Read More