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Psychology Essay Examples

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Process Consultation

“Process Consultation is a set of activities on the part of the consultant that help the client to perceive, understand, and act upon the process events that occur in the client’s environment in order to improve the situation as defined by the client” (Schein 1988). The purposes of this essay is to examine some of…

Personality Theory Workbook

Freud: Case Study In looking at this case study, I would place Hank in the oral aggressive personality. This is evidenced by his sarcastic nature. Hank is also very argumentative. Hank is fixated in the oral and anal stages of Freudian perspective. This is evidenced throughout the case reading. Some of the evidence of the…

The potential effects of the five different life factors on the development of the individual

In this audio recording I will be explaining the potential effects of the five different life factors on the development of the individual. I will be using the case study of Jonathan to do this. Genetic factors Genetic factors are factors that would be inherited by the child from the mother and father. There are…



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Psychological egoism

Psychological egoism claims that human nature is such that we cannot help but pursue our self-interest, we are biologically and psychologically disposed to behave in this way. It is a fact that we automatically act to promote our own interest and we cannot do otherwise. This theory highlights a strength of egoism as a whole,…

What are the key features of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

In the first century AD, the Stoic philosopher Epictetus observed that people are not disturbed by the events that happen, more so by the view that they take of them (Woolfe and Dryden, 1996). The view a person takes of an event depends on their chosen orientation, and their orientation is influenced by their beliefs…

How can visual illusions illustrate top down processes in perception

There are many different types of visual illusions, many of which can be shown to illustrate different mental processes in perception. Types of illusion including those involving ambiguity, distortion and fiction can be seen to be processed using varied mental methods and can be categorised into physical, physiological, and cognitive illusions. Physiological, or bottom up…

The Failures of Freud and Psychoanalysis

In October 1900, Philip Bauer took his 18-year-old daughter to see the little known psychoanalyst Dr. Sigmund Freud. Bauer took his daughter to be treated by Freud for her recent display of strange behaviors such as saying strange things, and threatening suicide. From Freud’s initial point of view the case did not seem to be…

Freud and Maslow’s theory of motivation will be discussed as explanations of consumer behaviour

It is the differences within people that make life interesting. However, the diversity in human behaviour often causes us to overlook the fact that people are really very much alike. It is these similarities that serve to explain consumer behaviour, and psychologists would suggest that most people tend to experience the same kinds of needs…

What does Bandura’s study of Aggression tell us about development

* Bandura’s research suggested that we learn our behaviour from our social environment. * Bandura used this research to develop his Social Learning Theory. This theory sets out one way in which children develop their behaviour as they grow older. * The theory (SLT) suggests that we can learn from role models or significant others,…

Criminal Justice Approaches to Paedophilic Sex Offenders

The article ‘Criminal Justice Approaches to Paedophilic Sex Offenders’ by Martha Kleinhans (2002) is one of a particularly topical nature at present. Not only does Kleinhans attempt to wrestle with an inherently taboo subject matter, she does so with fastidious ability, drawing conclusions, evaluation and criticism throughout the piece. The article, written in 2002, came…

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