Attitudes and Behaviour

Attitudes are what we feel about a concept, they are about how we think about and evaluate specific concepts. (East, 1997). An important class of attitudes are those about behaviour. We can discover a person’s attitude by observing his/her behaviour. (East, 1997). Behaviour is usually seen to be directied by prior held attitudes. Foxall (has Read More

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Interference with Memory by a Suffix

Memory refers to the processes that are used to acquire, store, retain and later retrieve information. The three major processes involved with memory include encoding, storage and retrieval. The ability to retrieve is different in every human and psychologists have tried to identify the ability of retrieval through interferences. While information can be retrieved through Read More

What is classical conditioning and how is it relevant to phobias in humans

This essay will demonstrate a basic learning process known as classical conditioning along with the way it is associated with phobias in humans. Ivan Pavlov’s initial discovery of classical conditioning and his contribution to the understanding of this phenomenon will be outlined. Moreover, the definition and the basic principles of classical conditioning will be stated Read More

Hypochondriasis: Treatment with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and How I’m Getting My Life Back

The word hypochondriasis is derived from ancient Greek word hypochondria . It is made up of hypo-, meaning “under,” and khondros (khondria is the neuter pleural), meaning “cartilage”, specifically the cartilage of the breastbone. The word reflects the belief that the viscera of the hypochondria was the source of vapor that caused anxiety and melancholy. Read More

In A Dark Side of Happiness

Psychologists, June Gruber, along with her colleagues, Iris Mauss & Maya Tamir, discuss their findings in “A Dark Side of Happiness?” Gruber’s purpose is to expand on the idea with her team that there is in fact a dark side to happiness. Gruber adopts an educational and informative tone throughout the article in an attempt Read More

The aim of this assignment is to find out how information processing helps the learning of motor control in dance

“Motor control: Understanding the execution of those processes that lead to skilled human movement as well as factors leading to the breakdown of such skills.” “Motor Learning: Understanding how processes that sub serve movement are developed and factors that facilitate or inhibit this development. Modification in motor behaviour or improvement in proficiency of a motor Read More

With reference to One Psychology Theory, Discuss How it has Influenced Clinical Practice with Either Children or Adults

This piece will attempt to analyse how the use of Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy has been applied to the treatment of Bipolar Disorder, which is otherwise known as Manic Depression. Major Depressive Disorder, also known as unipolar depression, is classified in DSM-IV in terms of a list of symptoms of which sufferers must experience at least five Read More

The affect of brain stress on ponzo illusion

The purpose of the present study was to determine the affect of brain stress on ponzo illusion. In addition the study examined the affect of presence or absence of converging lines background on judgments of lines length. The study sought to test Ponzo’s (1882-1960) hypothesis, referring to it as a misjudgment in a length of Read More