Psychological egoism

Psychological egoism claims that human nature is such that we cannot help but pursue our self-interest, we are biologically and psychologically disposed to behave in this way. It is a fact that we automatically act to promote our own interest and we cannot do otherwise. This theory highlights a strength of egoism as a whole, Read More

Is direct realism naive

Direct realism, also know as naive realism, is the view that what we see, feel, & touch is real. That we can acknowledge that an object (e.g. a Candle) that is in a room is real, and that we can confirm this through our senses. For a direct realist there is no difference between appearance Read More

Evaluate the Biomedical Model of Abnormality

There are many different viewpoints as to the causes of abnormality, some psychological in nature, some not. One such standpoint is that of the biomedical model of abnormality which treats mental illness and abnormality like a disease in many ways. The biomedical model has many facets, 4 of which are explained below. The `germ` aetiology Read More

Mental Preparation For various Games

Before any sport, mental preparation is very important. It can be the difference between a bad, average or good performance from the player concerned. I have chosen Keith Wood for his experience, discipline and the fact that he is a legend. In rugby especially, mental preparation is just as important as a warm up. It Read More

The Effects of Population Density

The term population density Is described as little more than the ratio of organisms to the size of an area (Xpedltlons, 2008). This ratio Is determined by taking the number of people in a given area and dlvldlng that number by the area they occupy. As of the last U. S. census, the average population Read More


Mariella Hines is a 9 year-old African-American girl attending the 3rd grade in the JFK School. She was referred to the School Psychologist because she has recently become very withdrawn during class, refusing to speak to anyone, including her teacher and peers. Previously she seemed to have age-appropriate social skills, Interacting well at school. Her Read More

Psychology: The Science of Mental Life

Many psychologists have various views on the subject matter of psychology. Some believe that it is the science of mental life whereas others believe that it is purely objective and experimental. William James M. D. believes that “Psychology is the science of mental life, both of its phenomena and their conditions. The phenomena are such Read More