The notion of speech personality

The first reference to speech personality was made by L.Weisgerber. In Russian linguistics the term was introduced in the early 30’s by V.V.Vinogradov. In the same period such question was discussed by Humboldtians (L. Weisgerber). Later the notion of “speech personality” was investigated by a range of prominent scholars, such as Yu.N. Karaulov, V.I. Karasik, Read More

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How do animal communication systems differ from humans and can primates acquire language

Language has always been considered a uniquely human characteristic form of communication; ‘mans most important cultural invention, the quintessential example of his capacity to use symbols, and a biologically unprecedented event irrevocably separating him from other animals. ‘ (Pinker 1955) The absence of language is a reflection of what information must be transferred with in Read More

Analysis of language

Language is very important for all kinds of life experiences;-for survival, communications, and for starting relationships. Language includes the use of voices, words, gestures, and facial expressions. Therefore no society in the world exists without this form of language. According to Maclure (1992) Language is also about power and control, and it can be used Read More

Spoken Language

There are lots of differences between formal and informal language. Formal is the polite form you would use to speak to those of greater age than yourself, those in authority over you and strangers. Formal language shows respect for that person’s position and acknowledgment that they potentially know more or are more experienced than you Read More

Commentary for English Language

For my Persuasive writing piece, I chose to write a persuasive speech. I knew I needed to use certain techniques in this as my speech had the purpose of persuading and motivating into action. Firstly I needed a scenario where a speech would be used. I chose to write a motivational speech from Winston Churchill Read More

Causes of language change

The English language is one that is always and will never stop developing and changing. Dr Johnson and Jonathan Swift both tried to fix the language and both strived to make sure the language could never change. However, they both realised that this is an impossible feat. There are many factors that cause language to Read More

Language – Critical Analysis

Language is the systematic means of communicating ideas or feelings by the use of conventionalized signs, sounds, gestures, or marks having understood meanings. [1] (salereo definitions) Language allows us to express ourselves in such a way that other people can understand us. However, there are many limitations on how far it can actually be used Read More

Longman Dictionary

Throughout history human kind has developed language. The need of communication and understanding of each other has pushed the ancient human that he built up language. But because there were different settlements of them there were different languages developed all over the world but with the same aim. Now days we tend to expand our Read More

Learning foreign languages among teenagers

Learning foreign languages is becoming more and more popular and necessary nowadays. The aim of the report is to examine this area. I wanted to find out if people consider learning foreign languages easy or difficult and, which skills are problems for them. I was also interested in the reason why they want to study Read More


1) US President Bush, is confronted with a problem. According to Ms. Karen Hughes, communication advisor of Mr. Bush, what Mr. Bush says is carefully weighed and formulated by his advisors rather than the by himself. It is expected that the president use appropriate language with the right terminology and well usage of vocabulary. Such Read More