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Language Essay Examples

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Professional Language Use

“Languages are the pedigrees of nations. ” ? It aids in nation-building. A nation’s overall stability is evident on the strength of its language. The quality of communication among members of society determines its success. Low-quality triggers chaos and discord. Therefore, if a professional organization is akin to a nation, its success or failure springs…

The Best Age to Learn Foreign Language

In recent years, learning foreign language or languages has become a must at various fields of human life. After perceiving the necessity of a foreign language, people decide to learn an important one such as English, Deutsch regardless of their age. It is open to question whether it will be sufficient or efficient for an…

English as an Evolving Language

There are certain rules in linguistics that allow for effective communication. However, because languages are constantly evolving and changing, it must be flexible enough to absorb the changes to make sense of the evolutionary fluctuations in the language. Syntax allows us to have fluid communication, allowing a universal understanding of each other. Furthermore, the addition…



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Teaching pronunciation to ESL adult learners

The acquisition of pronunciation proficiency may be one of the most intricate areas for ESL adult learners. For years it has been argued that adults have great difficulty in learning a second language, especially its phonological aspects. This paper aims at reviewing the theory regarding second language learning and at finding evidence in previous research…

The Importance of Learning Languages for Travel

Throughout the years, English language has been widely used as the sole international language and almost all the information you would like to research about travelling Is available In English, be It travelling Into remote areas In china or getting travelling tips getting around into a chaotic regions in Africa where people do not speak…

The Translation Tactics of Political Words in Diplomatic Interpretation

The Great Gatsby is a 20th century novel written by American author Scott F. Fitzgerald that depicts the luxury life of post-war generation in the fictional town of West Egg in 1920s. Being narrated in the first person by Nick Carraway, the story mainly talks about the tragedy of young millionaire Jay Gatsby as a…

Investigate and analyse how spoken language is adapted by a teacher

The public expect that there will be arguments in the classroom. We also expect that there will be slang used by the students. Next, we expect that there will be fillers used by both students and teachers, and compliments used by teachers. Older members of the public may expect strict behaviour in the classroom. They…

New technological media and traditional spoken English

The written English used in E-mails and internet chat-room conversations interests me because of its pragmatic nature and its current proliferation. My curiosity for this aspect of language use led me to consider analysing my own linguistic behaviour and that of some of my contemporaries. This aspect of the English language interests me simply because…

Language in Metamorphosis

The language in this play is extremely irregular in the way it is put across to the audience. There are many different ways in which they use it. The language is mainly of a Gregorian rhythmic pattern (formal). The verses are carefully constructed and are not realistic in the way they are spoken. There are…

If we cannot say something, do we know it

When first observing this question one would be tempted to say yes. But a deep study is required as it can end up being mind boggling if one chooses to do so under a time constraint. The first step: to study what the question is really about. It is about the relationship between speech and…

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