High Dependency Care Of The New Born

The following discussion will analyse the care of a baby who I have recently looked after in the high dependency who developed necrotising entero colitis(NEC) and consequently had to be re admitted to the NICU. According to Sankaran (2004) NEC is an inflammatory disease of the bowel, predominantly affecting premature infants but it sometimes occurs Read More

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Why do Gorverment Intervene in to Health Markets

The NHS was born out of the government interventions one of Clement Attlee’s labour party manifestos for winning the general election in 1945. Even thought Winston Churchill had gained victory in World War II. The conservative government had made no promises for a National Health Service that would be available to all regardless of income. Read More

The importance of safer sex health education

Over the last twenty years, two events have occurred which have shaped sexual health promotion and education, specifically, the emergence of the HIV epidemic and the change in social attitudes towards sexuality and sexual behavior (Irwin, 1997). These events are in turn reflected in an increasing emphasis on primary prevention (DOH, 1992). Health promotion and Read More

The Primary Care Health Team

Professional tribalism may be seen as a problem within a complex organisation such as general practice. What may be the problems managers face in developing integrated professional team working? The Primary Care Health Team (PCHT) is generally considered to be the central form of organisation within primary care and is believed to be the most Read More

Responsibilities of a first aider

In this essay I’m going to write about the responsibilities of a first aider. I will also outline the contents of a first aid kit and accident recording procedures that comply with legal requirements. A First Aider is someone who can provide immediate assistance or treatment to anyone injured or suddenly taken ill before the Read More

Role of Humor in Healing

Is humor beneficial to the process of healing and the health care profession? Within the community of medicine as a profession, this has been a well-debated question for many decades. Several different authors have shown that humor has made a direct positive impact on a number of different physiological aspects in people. In 2002, Martin Read More

Accessing Health And Social Care

This essay the author has selected a patient who was admitted to a care of the elderly ward with continuing health care needs. A brief biography will be outlined and the patient’s needs or problems will be further explored. Within this profile the author will consider the major cultural, socio-economic factors that influence the health Read More

The Scottish Ambulance Service

The objective of this assignment is to analyze the emergency ambulance service in Scotland, using process mapping techniques and measure quality for the ambulance services and to review literature about quality What is a process? The technical definition of a process is that it is a set of activities that converts inputs into outputs which Read More