Health & Social Care

For this assignment I have been asked to explore the care needs of an individual in a care setting, explain methods of assessment and choose one that will suit the individual in that particular care setting. I will describe my role in his/her care and how am going to provide the best possible care informed Read More

Health and Social care

Chafford Hundred Medical Centre is a statutory care sector. Statutory services are clearly defined by legal statute and would normally be delivered by, for example, the NHS. An example of this is the A&E department in a hospital. Statutory services are available to all client groups ranging from infants (0-3 years) to the elderly (65+ Read More

Health and social services

Four different categories traditionally divide health and social services. These include a statutory sector, this is provided by the state and is gained through legislation; they include the national health service and local councils. There is also the voluntary sector, these include non-profit organisations and are set up through volunteers. These tend to turn into Read More

Legislation, a policies, a standards or codes of practice that influence provision of health service for service users

There are many legislation, policies and codes of practices in the health services in England. Legislations such as the health and safety act Work Act and Data protection Act are the main and important legislations in organisations such as schools, care homes and nurseries. Under legislations there are policies these are policies can be the Read More

What is Happening to America’s Health care System

Of all the progressing countries, United States has a very exclusive system of health care delivery. The health care delivery in the United States has long been described as a “cottage industry,” characterized by fragmentation at the national, state, community, and practice levels. There is no single national entity or set of policies guiding the Read More

Working In The Health Sector

In Mrs. Cullen’s case she has to be provided a key worker who would be working with her by ensuring that all her need is met and also involve other multidisciplinary team and inter-agency team within the health and social care setting to take part in conducting a care plan for Mrs. Cullen during the Read More

Ideas on becoming a health care professional

Becoming a professional is one that evokes an array of opinions within an individual; a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction being a prime influence that is shared amongst most. Often there are many who believe that becoming a professional comes with many responsibilities; however this is not always the case. Professionals may discover that it Read More

Key aspects of public health in the UK

Within Great Britain the population consists of over 60 million people. Health is measured by the quality of live and life styles people lead. Infant mortality rates and life expectancy, incidence of disease and life threatening factors are recorded by each community in order to compare the health of the communities within Britain. Some areas Read More

Role of Government

The role the government plays now is a big government. I personal like the big government. The big government will support make sure women get treated right in the workplace, the best future possible for your children, and the best your best health conditions possible. The big government may be expensive but economy will get Read More