Linguistics biasness amongst men and women in Malaysia

The feminist movement in the 1970s has paved the way for reform of the use of sexist language. Traditionally, the word ‘he’ or ‘man’ as in ‘mankind’ has been used to describe both sexes. Pauwels (2001) conducted a study on the use of gender pronouns in Australian public speech and found that the masculine generic Read More

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How Is Gender Identity Influenced by social structures

Identity is a fundamental part of everybody. It engages individuals in society and defines them. It is an active process that requires both decisions and involvement. Identity is not the same as character or personality. If people were plays, then identity would be the plot and character and personality would simply be the props. Essentially, Read More

Gender equality in work is a myth

What I have been asked to do The assignment has invited me to conceive a question centrally concerned with the subject of gender. There were seemingly infinite options that I could consider for such an essay. In exploring the initial subject, I became pertained with the sphere of work and employment, and within this, the Read More

How the social changes in women’s lives in western societies over the last 50 years have impacted on men

The roles of men and women in society and the family are always changing. During and after the industrial revolution the family moved away from the economically integrated and self-sufficient production unit (Dahlstrom, 1967). During the past 50 years there have been many changes in women’s lives in western societies, many of which have had Read More