Something New

In the film Something New Kenya McQueen a senior manager at a prestigious accounting firm, is on the verge of making partner. As she approaches the pinnacle of her career she realizes that her personal life has gone lacking especially in the love department. After spending another Valentines Day alone Kenya agrees to a blind Read More

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Comparative review of the film and novel versions of Saturday Night and Sunday Morning by Alan Sillitoe

Sillitoe’s novel, Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, was seen as breaking new ground in it’s realistic, unsentimentalised portrayal of the English working class. It was published on a wave of post war literature that was characterised by the anger of the protagonist, and was surprisingly successful. Melvyn Bragg believes that this was due not only Read More

Review of a Bond trailer

A trailer is a short series of clips from the film it is advertising .Each clip in the trailer is a short depiction of a scene from within the film. Overall the trailer is a representation of the whole film having an emphasis on the action or whatever appeals to the widest audience. Usually the Read More

The view that the primary concern of British films of the 1960s is cot class or Britishness but the nature of masculinity

Original Theatre Trailer, ‘Goldfinger’1 England of the 1960’s was a place of great transition. The economic boom of the 1950’s was beginning to loose its hold and with it the extra wealth enjoyed by the people of Britain. Combined with the loss of the nations international power, underlined by the Suez crisis, things were beginning Read More

What is it that makes “The Matrix” so successful

In April of 1999 the Wachowski brothers released their new sci-fi film, “The Matrix.” On its opening weekend, The Matrix was shown on 2849 screens and brought in 27.788 million dollars. So what exactly was it that made The Matrix such a storming success? “The Matrix” would not be as successful without its ingenious plot, Read More

Dead Man Walking

‘Dead Man Walking’, directed by Tim Robbins, is a film about a man called Matthew Poncelot. Matthew is living in Death Row – A Dead Man Walking – as these prisoners are known, because he has killed two people in a forest. Sister Helen Prejean is requested by Matthew to be with him when he Read More

Alfred Hitchcock films

With reference to the films “Psycho” and The Birds”, I will illustrate the techniques, which the director Alfred Hitchcock used for his films to appeal to specific audiences, I will be referring and paying close attention to the shower scene from the film Psycho, and the school scene from The Birds, I will be referring Read More

Practical Production Brief

The genre of film that our group is going to be incorporated with is horror. With this type of genre, there are certain conventions that fit into it. To make this seem like a traditional horror genre, we must follow some of these conventions for it to be recognised as a horror. As this particular Read More