What is culture

Culture is a set of ideas passed on by each generation setting the standards of how society is expected to behave and conform; it is what society aspires to be and to achieve in life. Role models, symbols and values are all part of culture; especially in western parts of the world many people’s lives Read More

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American culture vs European culture

It’s a difficult question, and it’s a bit hard to answer, especially when it comes to European culture, because there are so many different cultures. For example is the culture in Italy very different from the culture we have in Denmark. But is it really true that the American culture is taking over all the Read More

The Study of Culture and the Twenty-first Century

The book we decided to study is “Cultural Studies, The Basics, Second Edition,” by Jeff Lewis. The book examines assorted ways in which culture is “formed, theorised and studied. ” Lewis achieved this by breaking up subjects that are culturally related into numerous categories, making it simpler to understand. The book ranges from what affected Read More

Swazi culture

The Swazi are part of the millions of Bantu-speaking peoples of Africa who migrated at different times from farther north and eventually arrived to the south-eastern region. They brought cattle and seed for cultivation, and handmade products of iron, wood, skin and clay. There occurred physical mingling and cultural diffusion and borrowing. In their process Read More

Body Modification: Self-Expression or Self-Abuse

In many primitive rituals it is common to display feats of strength through acts of body modifications such as piercing, tattooing, branding, scarification, implants, and body suspension. These ancient rituals have not been forgotten. They are still being performed today by not only native descendants but also by groups all over the world that refer Read More

Culture and diversity

We now live in a magnificent multicultural society. Multicultural means different cultures in one area. This could mean we could come from different orgins , cultures and religions. Everyone in this society is now individual because of this Family Family is a group of people who are drawn together by relation, marriage, birth or adoption. Read More

Cultures Deserve Respect

Every culture deserves respect. Maybe you will find some traditions are absurd or unacceptable but it certainly the most important thing to it’s people. Who you to judge? What we all should be aware of that the better culture does not exit. Maintain your traditions or melt in the new culture is every new immigrant Read More

Cultural Universals

I have chosen to write about why cultural universals pose a problem for moral relativism in this paper. I will begin by defining cultural universals (CU). Then, I will cite examples of such theory and continue by applying them to situations In which these slmllarltles can be seen. Next, I will discuss how we can Read More