The Power of Advertising

We cannot underestimate the influence that advertising has upon our lives, it is impossible to ignore the messages that are being sent to us. Adverts appear in all areas of our lives, it is the aim of the producer to make the most impact and achieve their goal by generating more interest in their product Read More

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Report Organization

Advertising is one of the many career choices open to the marketing student. It involves promoting the product/service of a company. Some of the responsibilities of different advertising positions include creating the artwork, presenting ideas, securing the media space and coordinating the production. Advertising requires specific skills. The number one skill required is good oral Read More

Consumer Behaviour

People have their needs from peer pressure, personal needs, TV shows, advertising magazines, and so on. These kinds of needs motivate them to get more information. The whole process of getting information and buying the products or services to feeling satisfaction depends on the degree of involvement. Not all purchase decisions are equally important or Read More

Analysis of John Smith’s Advertising Campaign

The advertising campaign I chose to look at was for John Smith’s. The famous British beer with the ‘No Nonsense’ attitude, John Smith’s is the number one ale brand in the UK, selling over one million pints every day with annual retail sales in excess of i?? 650 million. High profile marketing, incorporating TV advertising, Read More

Print Advert Analysis

When a print advert is created the producer needs to take several different aspects into account. The key aspect of all advertising is the audience and generally to make money out of them. The audience is broken down into demographics and once the producer knows who the audience is they can begin to shape their Read More

Comparision of 2 TV Adverts

I am writing to recommend the winner of this year’s BTAA Public Service Award. I have reviewed all of the entries and decided upon a shortlist of two. In this letter, I will analyse my two favourite advertisements and decide which I deem to be the better of the two; the two advertisements I have Read More

How effective is Honda’s

‘The Impossible Dream’ advert commissioned by Honda in 2005 is a two-minute long epitome of how to use a catchy theme tune. The advert depicts a man, Simon Day, making a journey. He sings, rides and drives a variety of vehicles, backed by the song ‘The Impossible Dream’, which serves as the non-diegetic soundtrack, and Read More

Advert Commentery

The product I have chosen to advertise is a fabric conditioner filled with natural goodness of tropical fruits and exotic flowers. It is addressed towards a female audience because washing related products are stereotypically things women are associated with. Also, in my advert, the words “you” is directly addressing the readers, in effect the reader Read More

Comparing the two adverts

The two adverts target two different personalities of human beings. The Oatbakes target the customers who are trying to live a healthy life. The Cadbury target audience is people who don’t mind treating them selves. Both of these adverts are perfect for their audiences as they use different ways of persuading them. One of the Read More