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Physics Essay Examples

X-ray interactions with matter

This document presents the interactions of x-ray with matter. It talks about the five types of x-ray interactions with matter, photoelectric absorption, compton scattering, pair production, coherent interaction, and photodisintegration. Each of this x-ray interactions are discussed in a manner that it can be understood by the general public. This document also dwells on the…

Heat Engine Lab

Heat engine lab Intro: when an engine runs, it pumps pistons that move up and down and provide energy to the engine to it to go. These pistons move because of pressure and heat. This work done on the system is not only mechanical but its also thermodynamic. When a piston undergoes one full cycle…

Projectile range and projectile motion

As we all know ski jumping is a worldwide sport in which athletes skate down a slope ramp, gaining speed that throws them in the air that makes them land some distance away. The distance travelled at the time when the jumper leaves the ramp, until he reaches the ground is known as the jump…



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Experiment to determine gravity from a spring using analogue techniques

The aim of this first experiment is to examine simple harmonic motion exhibited a mass on a spring. Using data recorded in doing this, the spring constant for each spring can be calculated along with a value for gravity. In the first part of this experiment, the relationship between the period of the oscillations of…

Retort stand and clamp

In reference to the safety aspect, the radiation source is kept inside a lead block, inside a wooden box, inside another wooden block, tongues are present for the movement of the source so it never directly handled. The sources themselves are in holders, which channel the radioactive output in one direction alone. However as I…

Force of friction experiment

Limiting static friction Friction always opposes motion. It increases with the applied force. However, it cannot increase indefinitely. When a body is in contact with a rough surface, friction arises at the contact surface if the body is subjected to an applied force. When the applied force exceeds the limiting static friction , the body…

Galileo’s Rolling Ball experiment

Galileo in his rolling ball experiment investigated the acceleration of a ball rolling down an inclined plane, using a similar setup I will investigate how the time taken to roll down the inclined plane varies with the vertical height change. Theory: When two similar objects are thrown vertically downwards, they are in a state of…

Physics investigation- stopping distance

Introduction In my investigation I intend to gather enough evidence and explanation to see if and how the mass of a ball will affect its stopping distance. I will carry out a series of tests starting with changing the mass of the ball then changing height which it’s dropped from. Predictions I predict that the…

Pulleys, forces and the principle of moments

A Push or Pull which can vary in magnitude or direction on an object is called Force. The direction of force is the direction of push or pull. If the push and pull are on opposite directions, they act simultaneously, in other words the one with the greater push gives the direction of force. The…

Big Bang Theory Development Essay

The Theory of the Big Bang started from observations and scientific facts. The Big Bang theory provinces that after the “Big Bang” the existence expanded from its original pea-sized beginning to astronomical proportions. and the enlargement of the existence still continues today but at a much slower rate. In the 20th century many scientific developments…

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