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Steps to Avoiding Plagiarism Paper

Nowadays, copying and pasting from somebody else’s works, thoughts, ideas is strictly prohibited without citing. It is called plagiarism. According to copyright law established in 1989, any works created after this year will automatically be protected. Neither individuals nor organizations can steal ideas from published works. In fact, there is a high percentage that college and high school students actually violates copyright rules by copying sentences from internet source without footnoting. Of course, there is a strong action prevents plagiarism in every institutions. George Mason University is not an exception. Mason students have to be completely honest and responsible when it comes to plagiarism; otherwise, that individual will receive a penalty upon their action. Before going deeper to the consequences, let’s compare George Mason University honor code with other online sources such as: 123helpme.com, plagiarism.org, etc. by defining plagiarism, how to prevent plagiarism in academic and last but not least, punishment of plagiarism.

According to dictionary, plagiarism is copying another’s works, thoughts, and ideas. The definition sounds simple; however, there are several ways to approach this definition. George Mason’s honor code basically lists all the possible ways that you can do to be a plagiarist. For example: submit other’s work as your own, poor paraphrasing, lack of proper citations, copy from internet source without citing (Mason Honor Code). Plagiarism.org website describes more detail with the Honor Code about the definition of plagiarism “the improper use, or failure to attribute, another person’s writing or ideas (intellectual property). It can be as subtle as the inadvertent neglect to include quotes or references when citing another source or as blatantly unethical as knowingly copying an entire paper verbatim and claiming it as your own work.”1 The last source 123helpme.com approaches plagiarism in the s…

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