Multidimensional Approach Social Work

The multidimensional frame work is used to focus on the bio-psycho-social context of human development, and introduces social workers perspective on human behavior and the influences from the social environment. The application and utilization of the multidimensional framework is to direct the procedure of assessment, intervention and evaluation for the generalist social work process.

Essay Example on The Multidimensional Framework Includes

This framework also shows the relationships between life-span concern and the understanding of person-environment transactions and use of the generalist social work method with individuals, families, groups, organizations, communities, culture and society are all areas of study.

Throughout this paper, I will be demonstrating my assessment skill using the multidimensional framework and the micro theory related to human growth, development and change during my childhood. In gaining understanding about my biophysical structure, I have realized that the biophysical helps to describe my structure and how it affects my human behavior.

It is to my knowledge that my physical structure is within a healthy, functional and in great shape due to my healthy eating habits and regular exercise.

These principles have been handed to me during my childhood by my mother and most of my extended family. I was raised in a Christian home and beliefs of healthy eating and natural remedies for the body. I am aware of my families’ medical history with arthritis and how it may affect me in the future. I am also aware of the ways that I can avoid this health condition from happening to me.

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Multidimensional Approach Social Work
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