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IPC Chapters Essay

Soft and silvery in pure form Highly reactive Combines with oxygen with a ration of two to one: ALL Group 2 entanglements in the second group of the periodic table Reactive Combine one to one with oxygen Hallucinogens 17 Toxic gases or liquids in pure form Very reactive Rarely found in pure form When combined with alkali metals they create salts: Nacelle Courageous 18 Do not naturally form chemical bonds Found mostly in their pure form called inert gases Not reactive Transition Metatarsals 3-12 Good conductors of heat and electricity Moderately reactive

Periods: row of the periodic table. Determine which energy level is filled up to. Period 1: energy level 1 etc. Study the properties of the elementariness properties: characteristics of matter that can only be observed when one substance changes into a different substance, such as iron into rust. Physical properties: characteristics of matter that can be seen through direct observation such as density, melting point and boiling point.

Metals: typically shiny and good conductors of heat and energy, ductile Non-Metals: poor conductors of heat and electricity, dull and brittle Alloy: solid mixture of one or more elements Metalloid: properties in between those of metals and non-metals Electrical conductors: a material that allows electricity to flow through easily. Metals good conductors Non-metals poor conductors Metalloid moderate conductors Thermal conductors: a material that allows heat to flow easily. Metals good Insulators: a material that slows down or stops the flow of either heat or electricity.

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Non-metals are good Insulators Carbon and carbon like elementariness – hard, pure carbon, natural substance, highest thermal conductivity. Every carbon atom is bonded to four another atoms tetrahedral crystal) Graphite – black solid, slippery powdered when ground up. Silicon- abundant , four electrons in the outermost energy level/bonds with four other atoms / sands, rocks, minerals ‘gemstones/glass/semiconductors (computer chips, electronic devices) Germanium – semiconductors Nitrocellulose, tasteless, odorless gas.

Makes up 77 percent of earth’s atmosphere Consist of molecule of two atoms (NO); Boiling point 196 C Rapid freezing in medical application/ ex. Skin warts by liquid nitrogen. Protein, DNA, ecological cycle Bacteria convert NON into proteins& amino acids nutrient Oxygenates up 21 recent of the earth’s atmosphere. Consist of molecule with two atoms (02). Abundant element. 46 percent of earth crust Highly reactive/ bond to other elements in rocks and minerals forming oxides(Isis), (Cacao),(ALLAY) , (MGM) are mineral compounds, Hematite, oxide of iron (Effie).

Phosphorus key Ingredient of DNA Molecule carry the genetic code in all organisms “Glue in the dark” absorb light [store energy / greenish glow as re-emit energy slowly. Chemical properties vs.. Physical prehistorically properties are: color, smell, freezing point, boiling point, melting point, infra-red spectrum, attraction paramagnetic) or repulsion (diamagnetic) to magnets, opacity, viscosity and density. There are many more examples.

Note that measuring each of these properties will not alter the basic nature of the substance. Chemical properties are: heat of combustion, reactivity with water, PH, and electromotive force Review periodic table (how to read)Atomic number: protons and electrons Mass number: protons plus neutrons Review standardization number: indicates the charge of an atom when an electron is lost, gained or shared in a chemical bond. An oxidation number of +1 means an electron is lost, -1 means and electron is gained.

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