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This essay sample on Eco Friendly Environment Essay provides all necessary basic info on this matter, including the most common “for and against” arguments. Below are the introduction, body and conclusion parts of this essay.

Since the stakes are high as far as environmental degradation and global warming are concerned motor sport companies should devote their energies to come up with motor sport vehicles that observe safety and environmental technologies. Top tier motor sports such as Formulae one should be encouraged to install solar powered engines in their new models because the amount of pollution biz a biz global warming has reached an alarming level.

The world’s highest efficiency solar cells are made from silicon and will enable an echo friendly vehicle to move at the same speed as the one that is using fuel.

This will not only save on fuel costs but curtails pollution as well. (McKenna, 150-160) Discourse It’s prudent that manufacturers of motor sport vehicles come up with models hat have a fuel economy of or below to ensure that we live in a cleaner environment as we try to solve a problem that is already with us.

As a matter of fact diesel engines that are clean have attracted the same attention being given to engines that are environmentally friendly in Europe since they release few emissions of carbon dioxide to the environment and at the same time when compared to gasoline oil they have a better fuel economy. Stern, 140-147) The manufacture of Motor sports cars, their activities, facilities and events have an impact on the environment.

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Impacts on environmental diversity, energy consumption, waste use, air pollution, waste disposal and emission of green house gases are crucial issues that the motor sporting fraternity needs to address as a matter of urgency. Instead of using the popularity of the sport to further degrade the environment they should use it to spread awareness on the importance of using echo friendly technologies in not just motor sports but all other vehicles.

Word For Environmentally Friendly

Because of the danger those future generations are exposed to due to global warming and pollution that has now reached alarming levels this paper argues that governments should encourage the use and purchase of hybrid icicles recognized by environmental bodies as well as the government as environmental friendly and fuel efficient in all kinds of motor sports. Tighter controls should be enacted as far as vehicle usage and purchase are concerned so that vehicles for motor sports are not acquired through proxy.

Some of the environmental friendly vehicles in the world today include “Bethink” an echo friendly car produced by the University of Cambridge Echo racing team (CURE). This one of a kind vehicle has already competed in a world major championship the World Solar Challenge that was held in Australia in 2009 and it didn’t disappoint. They provided the UK best mark in an endurance race that takes up to smoke across the outback. They attained this while competing against corporate and university teams across the globe.

Yet some of these teams had a $1 million budget. By having an uncompromising approach to performance and efficiency they came up with a vehicle that is capable of moving at MPH with a power that is equal to that of a hair dyer. This elegant vehicle has 6 meters square of silicon solar cells which are the world’s most efficient cells. Electrical efficiency,aerodynamics,rolling resistance and weight have been put together to come up with a vehicle that uses almost fifty times less power that a petrol car would use yet has an infinite range of potential. Regional, 179-186) Simulation and extensive modeling with the aid of computers should aid motor sports car manufacturers in coming up with excellent output of ultra efficient electric sport motor vehicles. RSI also crucial to comprehend that these experienced technologies for motor sports will not derail the gains made by the motor sporting fraternity over the years rather they will increase not only their efficiency but their speed as well while at the same time conserve the environment for future generations.

As much as most motor sports companies have decided to go green the decision to ensure the environment is conserved largely depends on the drivers themselves. Some of the echo friendly techniques that motor sports drivers are encouraged to uphold to ensure environmental degradation is utterly reduced include; anticipatory breaking where the driver uses less energy in breaking by breaking earlier thus using less force, smooth acceleration, correct gear usage and smooth cornering.

Motor sport drivers should not just embrace echo friendly technologies of racing they should also try out bio fuels to reduce the amount of carbon emissions to the environment. As a matter Of fact the Motor races are now being used as a platform to showcase to the world super performing vehicles that use alternative fuel. With the soaring costs of fuel going green for many motor sport drivers is a blessing in disguise for life is not just about winning races but after the races comes other demanding tasks.

The urge for motor sports to become experienced was an idea borne due to he enthusiasm for smart driving. As a matter of fact most of the advocates of echo friendly driving are previous career motor sports drivers themselves who have won many races and accolades. While others are still competing. Echo friendly driving shouldn’t be taken as a matter of slow driving rather it should be viewed as situational efficiency and awareness. Echo friendly technologies provide smart solutions for sustainable driving.

It gives motor sport drivers ways of adapting their driving skills to greatly reduce the amount of fuel consumed by their vehicles. Echo friendly driving won’t just help motor sport drivers but individual drivers and their families as well to reduce Carbon dioxide emissions and the amount of fuel consumed by their cars while at the same time ensure they enjoy their driving as they do it safely. It’s factual that there is a trend globally toward future sustainability and everyone is now drifting towards experienced activities, products and services. Stern, 140-147) Corporations, Individuals and Local governments have recognized the need for future generations’ sustainability for there is a common realization that everyone needs to be involved in reducing the impact of environmental degradation for almost everyone plays a role in its pollution. The transition to a greener life is thus not a request but a matter of life and death. Lung cancer, Asthma and other respiratory allergies now affect most of the world population and the time to change this trend is not today but yesterday since time is not on our side for we are now running against a ticking time bomb that is about to explode.

Ecological friendly programs should be introduced to teach motor sports drivers on how they can increase sustainability of the environment through deduction of carbon emissions by use of high fuel economies in their vehicles while ensuring a safe drive. Therefore all people can have their input in operating in a sustainable way through implementing technologies that lead to reduction of waste and efficient use of energy. This is so because improving the value of oxygen we inhale is a matter of top priority all over the globe.

As much as bio fuels are the best way of reducing ecological degradation skeptics argue that they equally pose a threat to the environment. The question that these skeptics should answer is whether Befouls generally are DOD or bad for this generation and the environment as a whole. Global food crisis experienced in the recent past coupled with the extreme plummeting of grain stocks globally not to mention the extraordinary rise in prices has highlighted critical issues of policy as especially as far as the most vulnerable third world countries are concerned.

The issue of concern here is as to whether the production of befouls is of any economic significance in regard to the interpretation of food security to these countries. Most third world countries like the Philippines promote befoul production not just to taiga its populations against the soaring global prices of fuel but also to provide alternative sources of fuel to its rural poor. There is a stark reality that the earth’s natural fuels are running out. This has lead to the invention of befouls.

Renewable fuel sources are thus the best way for this generation to go since natural coal a dangerous pollutant is expiring sooner rather than later. Faced with this inevitability the first generation of Bio fuels was introduced in the globe through the use of food crops as the source of biomass which Was planted and developed into fuel. The negative impacts of this practice have started showing up this is because in some countries where this has been implemented large tracks of rain forests have been cleared resulting to the negative perception of bio fuels as a whole yet these are just isolated cases of Befoul production mismanagement.

In any case this mismanagement is actually related to the first generation of Befouls and so the second generation shouldn’t be pulled into this. (Resonant, 130-140) The second generation of Bio fuels is not derived from food crops rather it Uses their waste. For instance Celluloses Bio ethanol fuel is produced from waste wood found in forests that are placed in a processing plant that consists of cutting edges that break it into ethanol fuel and other products. Celluloses is a term that depicts the source of the fuel I. E. Ethanol in this case cellulose which forms a structural component of most green plants making up 50% of wood. In addition the Bio fuel industry is already working on the third and fourth generation to provide more sustainable sources of Befouls so as to provide a more viable and ecologically friendly alternative to the lobar fuel shortage tribulations. (Regional, 179-186) This process therefore doesn’t have room for any grain crops to be grown to produce fuel thus eliminating the food verses fuel debate that was against the introduction of Befouls.

In addition no rain forests need to be destroyed to provide Befouls since the raw materials are exclusively gotten from waste wood made up of dead trees, debris and brush. The advantage with the Bio fuels is that they have very low carbon emissions. In addition house hold waste is also being used to produce non pollutant fuel. Befoul is not just echo friendly rather it has an added advantage of being used in motor sports to increase the speed without any side effects.

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