Caucasian Chalk Circle Script

Research investigation: What Verfremdungs Effekts does Brecht script in Caucasian Chalk Circle and how effective are these techniques in the dramatic movement of transformation? United World College in Mostar Student: Selmir Klicic Teacher: Melissa Ann Reed Subject: Theater Block: E First factor I would like to mention when it comes to this kind of topic is audience. The audience was always to big extent demanding for an author and a director to send the message throughout a work of art, a theater play which would be understood in proper way.

Mostly concerning this problem, world’s biggest play writers developed a theory being practiced in their plays in order for better understanding of the idea by the audience. One of these theories is today called Verfremdungs Effekt or alienation effect. This significant influence was initiated by Shakespeare at first, who, using his drama plays applied V – effect for better understanding of his, usually very complicated plot. The theory kept being developed since it was first invented.

A person who contributed to development of V – effect the most was Bertolt Brecht by inventing a completely new type of theater, nowdays called Brechtian Theater. His contribution was mostly based on Shakespeare’s theory, and it was just used as a pose and strategy to bring about the change by engaging the imagination and creative critisism. „We need a type of theatre which not only releases the feelings, insights and impulses possible within the particular historical field of human relations in which the action takes place, but employs and encourages those thoughts and feelings which help transform the field itself.

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Brecht From the quote above we could conclude that what was important for Brecht wasn’t the fiction actors would make by their performance, but the message that is contained in plot. As an example of this theory, and as my research investigation task I will take Brecht’s play Caucasian Chalk Circle, as well as the goal of this essay would be based on the same play. The actual goal of the research investigation is to conclude how Verfremdungs Effekt contributes to the undestranding of the idea and message being sent by the play.

As it would be too long to analyze a complete piece, my research will be based on one scene from Caucasian Chalk Circle. The certain scene is the one in which two mothers are fighting about a child just like two farmers are fighting about the land. By this scene it would be possible to present the idea of emphasizing the important issues of society Brecht was trying to make us be aware of. The method that I am planning to use in the experiment is performing this scene in front of the audience two times. First time it would be without using V – effect and the second time should be performed with it. The significant thing is the reaction of audience and their opinion, as long as the research investigation is based on proper understanding of idealism being contained in a drama piece, for which audience is vital.

To know the understanding of the audience I should ask questions concerning their perception of the plot. So the questions should take under the consideration both parts of the experiment. Knowing that the audience is more or less educated and familiar with the idea of V – effect, question should be prescribed as simple. 1. According to you, what was the idea of this scene? (this question should be asked after performing the first part, which has no V – effect in its performance) 2. What kind of the impression do the characters leave on you by their act in the first part, and what kind of the impression do they leave in second part? 3. Did V – effect change your understanding and prescription in second scene? If yes, please evaluate. I think that a conclusion could be properly finalized after these questions answered by the audience, are analyzed afterwards.

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Caucasian Chalk Circle Script
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