Overpopulation Issues in Hong Kong Thesis

When the population takes up all the places, part of the population will be left out. These people may become homeless due to limited housing. More schools, hospitals and transportation are needed. Limited land in Hong Kong cannot be developing continuously. Also, overpopulation will bring up the housing price. In order to adapt to the high rent, people are living under stress. This may lead to the increase of crimes. For example, if a man cannot afford to pay the rent, he may became a thief and steal his neighbor’s things to get money for the rent.

Therefore, it raises the social problems such as homelessness, stress and crime. Furthermore, in the environmental view, overpopulation causes limited spaces in Hong Kong.

In order to fit in the huge population, the government needs to develop the rural area into a modern city which causes environmental damage. For example, the government has to remove mountains and drain seas, cut down the trees and build up tall buildings to make more living places.

These activities affect the environment and endanger many valuable animals such as the Chinese White Dolphin who hen have no place to live. Moreover, due to the cutting down of trees and suffering from the serious traffic congestion, the air quality is poor. These affect the citizens’ health and cause diseases. Therefore, most Hong Kong people have a weak respiratory system. A “Hong Kong study showed higher levels of bronchial hyperactivity (BAR) in children living in a more polluted area.

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As a result, air pollution affects Hong Kong peoples’ health seriously.

Apart from the social and environmental problems, overpopulation also brings the economic problem of unemployment. Nowadays, the high quality of education is more competitive in this global market. Each year, large amounts of students are joined into the working society. The employers have more choices to choose their ideal employees. However, the demand of jobs is larger than the job market can supply. It comes up with unemployment. Students who have no special talent or educational background may not be able to get the jobs. For example, I have a friend who only finished the high school level. He was unemployed for three years due to his low educational level. Even though he got a job, he was working for a very low salary. Thus, the unemployed cannot afford the daily expense and the economy in Hong Kong will be affected. In conclusion, overpopulation affects Hong Kong in many different ways: socially, environmentally and economically. These will cause serious problems. Since the population is increasing continuously and the land is limited, we need to solve the population overflow as soon as possible. One of the solutions is birth control. The government should create more plans to deal with the problems.

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Overpopulation Issues in Hong Kong Thesis
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