Congress Of Vienna Summary

The Congress of Vienna, the organizing conference of coalition against Napoleon and France, was a major building block in the future of Europe for years to come.The Conservative Political and Social views of the leaders of the time lead to a successful peace settlement to end this NapoleonicThefirst act to end Napoleon’s rule was to create some new unity after the coalition had marched in Paris and defeated Napoleon.Each country was beginning to pursue their own interests and drift apart from establishing a method to prevent the power in France from ever growing to such a magnitude again.

The British foreign secretary Robert Stewart (Viscount Castereagh) brought about the Treaty of Chaumont, restoring the Bourbon Dynasty from France’s past.It was then decided for all allies to remain at peace until there was a reorganization of land that was to be laid out during a Congress of Vienna, to be held on September of 1814.Much of the organizing in the Congress of Vienna was not difficult.

The Kingdom of Netherlands was established, adding Belgium and Genoa. Prussia received land along the Rhine river(a protection against a future French threat).Austria was given much of Northern Italy.The only conflict came when the control of Eastern Europe came to the table. Alexander I of Russia was firm in that he wanted all of Poland under his rule, Austria was not willing to give up it’s share of Poland either, and Prussia was interested in the land of Saxony.

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This conflict came to it’s height and there was even the fear that a new war might erupt over the control of these lands.This was changed by the clever Talleyrand, who represented France, he suggested that Austria and England might ally themselves to take the land that was up for debate.Under fear, Prussia and Russia both gave in and there was an equal distribution of land.…

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Congress Of Vienna Summary
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