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China Malaysia Business Relationship Tourism Paper

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Water is the most ubiquitously needed resource.A It is needed for industry, for agribusiness and by every life being. We face an energy crisis but we can work on alternate and renewable energy resources. When it comes to the H2O crisis, there is no option for H2O. Professor Liu Changming, Director of the United Research Centre for Water ProblemsA ( Aiyar, Pallavi Water Woes, Jun 2007 ) .


As one of the mostly unfastened economic systems in the universe, Malaysia is dynamically engaged in international trade. Over the recent old ages, Malaysia ‘s diversified fabrication and services industries had made Malayan one amongst the top 20 largest trading state in the universe. In 2006, Malaysia was ranked by the World Trade Organisation as the 19th largest exporter and 23rd largest importer in the universe. Malaysia ‘s export registered a dual digit growing of 13.9 % to make US $ 160.6 billion, while import amounted to US $ 131.1 billion ( “ Malaysia-China Business Opportunities ” , May 2007 ) .

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This 2 state Malaysia and China are sing tremendous economic growing. Harmonizing to the Ministry Of International Trade and Industry ( MITI ) , Malaysia had recorded growing of 5.9 % . This growing was expected to go on to increase in the approaching twelvemonth. This growing tendency combined with rational economic policies has resulting Malaysia an attractive hub for foreign direct investing ( FDI ) , non merely in the fabrication industry but every bit good as the services sector which can be related to the Ranhill Water Services ( RWS ) sectors.

China-Malaysia Business Relationship

Malaysia is one of the major trading spouses of China in Southeast Asia. There is a long history of trade dealingss between these two states. Since the constitution of diplomatic in 1974, bilateral economic and trade relation have developed well and in the 2002, the Malaysia-China two manner trade have reached $ 14.3 billion ( Wang Dexiang, Prospect of china-Malaysia Economic Trade Relations, March 2010 ) . Malaysia was so the biggest trading spouse of China in Southeast Asia, while China was the 5th largest export market for Malaysia ( Liao Xiaojian, 2003 ) . Sum of investings were close to 4 billion, and the countries of industry investing have expanded such as fabrication, energy and H2O processing, communications, services and finance and transits.

Trade between China and Malaysia since 1950-2001


Entire Value

( $ Million )


Entire Value

( $ Million )









































Beginning: Yearbook of Customs Statistics of PRC ; Yearbook of Foreign External Economy and Commerce of China

The statement and tabular array have show good concern relationship between China-Malaysia and both authorities have encourage their local company to develop two manner trade relationships. Therefore, has given chances to Ranhill Water Services ( RWS ) to get down concern in China.

1.1 Background of Study

This chapter will discourse the background of the company, the aims of survey, job statement, and significance of the survey. In making this research, the research worker make a survey of the factor and potency of Ranhill Water Services ( RWS ) in perforating China Market. The intent of this research is besides to analyze about the possibilities factor that acts as guidelines for RWS to win in embarking with the China local company.

The job in RWS embarking China market is that they be deficient in of experience and cognition about the China market and China concern civilization. This research than will at least be as a usher for RWS when come ining China market. This research contain the ‘what to tips ‘ in win in China.

1.1.1 Ranhill Water Services ( RWS )

Ranhill Water Services Sdn. Bhd ( RWS ) is a company with specialising in supplying direction, operational and consultancy services sing in H2O operators. RWS is a entirely owned by a Public Listed Company, Ranhill Utilities Berhad ( Ranhill Utilities ) and a sister company of SAJ Holding Sdn. Bhd ( SAJH )

Its accomplishment and expertness have been developed while runing SAJH to go one of the prima H2O companies in the state. Ranhill Utilities experiences gained from pull offing SAJH ‘s operation can be put in pattern to profit other H2O distribution direction. The country where RW specialises in is NRW decrease direction works, Turnkey Engineering, Procurement and Construction of H2O installations.

1.1.2 Corporate Identity


To supply entire technology, building and services to H2O industry which contributes to state edifice and to accomplish preferred position by executing work of outstanding value which satisfies our client ‘s demands, fulfils our employees ‘ demand for occupation satisfaction, and upholds the public involvement for unity, safety and environmental sensitiveness.


To be a company of substance and of international reputation, a preferable supplier of incorporate technology, building and services in H2O industry.

1.1.3 China Business Environment

Harmonizing to Multinational companies and China: What hereafter? ( 2011 ) , while consumers elsewhere worry about their occupations and fiscal hereafter, many in China are acquiring rich, and about to acquire even more so. Making concern in China has been a sweet dream for all company all over the universe, this happen because the turning economic and the population that ensuing the increasing of demand. The job in China is that it can be a tough topographic point for a company to get down their concern. Company squad that will be assign in China will confront challenged to present any consequences on clip and within their outlooks. Even a large company sometimes failed in China. Before penetrate in China international markets, company at first demand to happen out whether the chances in China are suit with the company concern.

In China, company demand to be prepare clip after clip harmonizing to the environing state of affairs. Immune to alter can be the ground for company to neglect in China. In this state, company will confront the toughest and barbarous dialogue and company sometimes necessitate to play by their regulation and making concern in Chinese manner.

1.2 Issue of the Study

Non gross Water ( NRW ) as the name suggests, can be defined as H2O that has been produced and is lost before it reaches the client. As might been expected, NRW is a major challenge for H2O public-service corporation companies and authoritiess, who are responsible for the care of grapevines and is a peculiar concern in developing states where engineering and resources to turn to the job are frequently limited ( Jon Boon, May 2012 ) . This state of affairs happened in Riyadh, where the H2O resources in the grapevines merely available one time in every three hr. This state of affairs is a major challenge for RWS in work outing Riyadh non gross H2O job. Such H2O losingss occur as consequence of a hapless public-service corporations direction including deficiency of answerability and administration taking severely maintained pipes and escape, every bit good illegal connexions.

In China the Non-Revenue H2O would be above 25 % , in most portion of China the non gross H2O split is 50 % physical loss and 50 % commercial loss ( Steve Clark, February 2012 ) . Non-revenue H2O is split into 2 sections one is physical loss and the other is commercial loss.

Physical loss is caused by leaks in the system. Commercial loss consequences from a figure of things, for case the H2O metres ( Steve Clark, February 2012 ) . Examples of physical losingss are leakage from the pipe web, escape from the client connexion grapevines. In other manus the illustrations of commercial loss are unregistered ingestion through illegal connexions that are non recorded and billed due lacks in the charge system.

RWS ‘s experience and proficiency in bettering H2O addendum has expanded their concern in local and international market for illustration Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, India, Nepal, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and be aftering to perforate Bahrain non to bury China market. Therefore, this research was being carried out to analyze whether it is executable for RWS to perforate China market. There are several factors that may act upon the feasibleness degree of RWS in perforating China market such as: –

Political Factor

Economic Factor

Social Factor

Technology Factor

Environmental Factor

1.3 Aims of Study

The aims of the survey work as guidelines for Ranhill Water Services ( RWS ) particularly the Business Development section with the purpose of spread outing their concern in China H2O industry. The research worker decided to take the three ( 3 ) most of import factors which are

To analyst the challenges of RWS in perforating China market

To place factor which may do the job to RWS in perforating China market

To find whether there is potency for RWS to put in China

Based on the old instances, RWS has failed in other state such as Riyadh because of their authorities and ordinances job. To forestall this happen in China, is by deriving all the informations and the information about the technique of making concern in China. The cognition and technique of RWS perforating China really give an impact to company direction and operational, this will avoid the China authorities and local spouse taking advantage thru RWS operational in China.

Therefore, with this research, it could assist the Business development section to improvize their public presentation and direction when making concern in China. At least, they have the image and can conceive of the concern state of affairs in China before get downing their concern.

In the terminal of the survey, Ranhill Water Services somehow will acquire an overview on the H2O industry concern in China. Furthermore from this survey, RWS will do up their head whether China is a feasibleness market or non to make concern. If executable, when ‘s the right clip to get down their concern and if non why RWs should n’t perforate China market.

1.4 Significant of Study

1.4.1 The Organization ( Ranhill Water Services, RWS )

This research in any instance covers briefly about the information that might be helpful for Ranhill Water Services to accomplish their program in spread outing their market into planetary and in the same clip perforating China. Furthermore the research could cut down the concern hazards that normally face by the organisation during their period in China. In add-on, the findings and recommendations of this survey could show information to the organisations as guidelines for them during their period in China.

1.4.2 The Research worker

This research evidently will supply tonss of general cognition and experience to researcher sing on China market. Researcher tried to garner as many informations and information as possible and squash all the information from all possible trustworthy beginning for this research.

1.4.3 The Student

This research can help pupil as a guidelines and mentions in finishing their academic appraisal. It besides help pupil with better to the full understand in carry oning the research with the existent state of affairs n the on the job environment.

1.5Limitation of the Study

There are several restrictions confronting research worker in garnering accurate informations for the research. Some of the restriction give below were a great challenge and trouble during this survey. The restrictions are:

1.5.1 Datas Beginnings

As China non rehearsing crystalline economic system, the informations about air power market in China are sometimes hard to acquire from any beginning available. Although they are twelve of diaries, related article and website the information somehow is still limited and non adequate to finish this research. Besides that, there is merely few research surveies sing H2O industry or non-water gross in China has been made.

1.5.2 Data Accessibility

Through the limited informations are available, most of the of import information are private and confidential to be usage in this research. When the information becomes private and confidential it ca n’t be exposed to the populace because of the limitation of the company. In add-on some of usefull information demands to be subscribed and paid in order to entree it.

1.5.3 Time

Analyzing about H2O industry and non-revenue H2O is manner far from the research worker ‘s field of survey, researcher necessitate to understand about the subjects in-depth sing the H2O industry and non-revenue H2O concern. In order to salvage times, research worker demands to truly be after and pull off all the day-to-day work undertakings at Ranhill Water Services and at the same clip to finish this research.

Chapter 2



2.1 Introduction

Literature reappraisal is a manuscript of a comprehensive reappraisal published and republished work from secondary beginnings of informations in the country of precise involvement to the research worker. The intent of literature reappraisal is to guarantee the no important variable that has been found repeatedly to hold an impact on the job is been left out. There are assortments of beginnings of literature that research worker can take as a mentions for the research. The information informations can be cod from cyberspaces, diary, newspaper and library. Normally it is based on a broader position and so narrowed down to the specific subject. Sekaran ( 2010 ) .

2.2 China Water Sector

The enormous growing in china population and economic system over the past several decennaries has come at a singular cost to the state environment. The economic system of China has increasing to 10 % per twelvemonth for more than 20 old ages. When H2O resources are limited or contaminated, the economic activity is unconstrained ad inadequately regulated serious societal job can originate. China ‘s H2O resources are over allocated, inefficiently used and grossly polluted by human and industries wastes, to the point that huge stretches of rivers are dead and deceasing, lakes are cesspits of waste, groundwater aquifers are over-pumped and unsustainably consumed and direct inauspicious impacts on both human and ecosystems heath are widespread and turning ( China and Water, Peter H. Gleick, 2008 ) .

Major River Basins in China

Beginning: ESRI, USGS/WWE: Lambert conformal conelike projection. Courtesy of Matthew Heberger

Harmonizing to APCO ( 2010 ) , with merely about 6 % of planetary fresh water resources, China needs to supply H2O to back up its quickly developing industrial sector every bit good as 20 % of the universe ‘s populations. Today, China itself confronting bigger challenges in supplying H2O resources to their people such as

Approximately 400 out of 600 metropoliss in China are holding H2O deficit job including 30 of their chief metropoliss.

Lack of effluent intervention is still a large factor of H2O pollution throughout China. This shows that RWS have an chance to win in China.

21 % of rivers in China are polluted and non suited for any usage including the 71 % lakes and 50 % urban groundwaters are besides greatly polluted. By utilizing the RWS engineering the H2O waste in China metropoliss can be cut down therefore will diminish the Chinese in trusting to the rivers and lakes.

Investing Municipal Water Sector

( 1992-2001 )

Entire Estimated

Investing Investing

1991-2005 2006-2010






Water supply















Investing in Wastewater Sector

( 2006-2010 )

Beginning: Apco 2010

Harmonizing to the tabular array above, China have invest such a great sum in constructing new installations all over China territory with the intent to diminish the effluent job over the past 20 old ages. This investing and the uninterrupted attempt from the authorities have resulted China ‘s H2O industry market to spread out dramatically over this past few old ages. Foreign H2O companies have gained sensible market portion by supplying engineering, equipment and services in China. This state of affairs has opened an chance to RWS in come ining the China H2O industry as the suppliers of engineering, equipment and services in China.

2.3 Factor Influence Feasibility of RWS Entering China Market

Making concern in China has been a sweet dream for all company all over the universe, this happen because the turning economic and the population that ensuing the increasing of demand. The job in China is that it can be a tough topographic point for RWS to get down their concern. RWS direction and operational squad that has been assign in China will confront challenged to present any consequences on clip and within their outlooks. Even a large company sometimes failed in China. Before penetrate in China international markets, RWS at foremost necessitate to happen out whether the chances in China are suit with the RWS concern. These chances depend on the China market factors which are

Political Factor

Economic Factor

Social Factor

Technology Factor

Environmental Factor

2.3.1 Political Factor

China is one of the universe ‘s most rising economic systems and has become over the old ages one of the most attractive states to put in nevertheless, the uncomplete dealing to a free market and the complex political system make it hazardous to come in ( The American Chamber of Commerce People ‘s Republic of China, 2011 ) .

Water job in China have begun to impact the local and regional political relations fortunes in China. President Hu Jintao in his 200 study has urged for a more efficient and environmentally friendly attack to development, growing, and ingestion. Hu called for more “ scientific development ” that focused on major H2O issues including “ procuring more clean, drinking H2O, bettering H2O transition, H2O pollution bar, curtailing inordinate H2O resources development and cutting H2O waste ” ( China Daily 2007b ; Peter H. Gleick, The World Water 2008-2009 ) .

China ‘s H2O jobs are worsen because their H2O jurisprudence and policy remain out-of-date, weak and inefficiently been practised. This happen because China is centralised state, both regional and national authorities act a of import function in H2O policy and direction, which leave little infinite for the private organisation in doing determination or policy.

China authorities are one-party province but it non alleged every bit tightly as a batch of enterpriser think it is. Harmonizing to China history, the states are recognized as feudal society with weak of cardinal control. China as the 4th largest states in the universe after Russia, Canada, and United State ( U.S Census Bureau, International Database ) are difficult to be governed or monitor by their authorities. For better or worse, Chinese Communist Party ( CCP ) seeking the best manner to overhaul the state and raise the Chinese people criterion of life. In order to overhaul though, China has to stop the “ Iron Rice Bowl ” policies that guaranteed workers womb-to-tomb paid employment at state-owned endeavors ( Robert Collins and Carson Block, Making Business in China for Dummies, 2007 ) . This statement can be shown when the effects of the cultural revolutions take topographic point. Majority of Chinese people are deficiency of modern and professional accomplishments and instruction. As a consequence, when a authorities mill or being privatized, the proprietor normally will put off the worker and those worker hereafter is n’t bright. The authorities attempt to work out this job by developing discharged workers. China frequently seems to take farther stairss frontward to go a modern economic system and society.

Political Impact in China Water Industries, Three Gorges Dam

The political and authorities engagement in China H2O industry can be proved by the developing undertaking of Three Gorge dike. In the instance of Three Gorges Dam several, several distinguishable ground or motivation can be identify by the engagements of the major key parties, beef uping of party legitimacy and sweetening of the societal contract theory through occupation creative activity ( Tashi Tsering, China ‘s H2O Politics: In Whose Interest? , 2005 ) . This can be explained by the model chart below.

The Logic of Large Scale Water Control Projects in China

Functional Reasons

Political Reasons

Technical Needs

Economic Motivations

Party Leaderships

Enhancement of Social Contract Theory

Party Legitimacy

Flood control, drouth,

H2O supply and etc.

Hydro-electricity, irrigation, trade & A ; pilotage, employment and etc.

Sun Yat Sen,

Mao Zedong,

Deng Xiao Peng,

Li Peng,

Jiang Zemin,

Zhu Rongii,

Hu Jintao and etc.

Occupation: Ministry of Water resources, Ministry of Constructions, Ministry of Machine-Building Industry, Water Resource Commissions, Water bureaus and establishments, etc.

“ Greatness of Socialism ” , bequests of Mao and Deng, shuli civilization and etc.

Beginning: ( Tashi Tsering, China ‘s H2O Politics: In Whose Interest? , 2005 )

RWS have to considered and be cognizant of the political factor in the China Water industry. Company have to indentified who have to act upon and who to follow.

2.3.2 Economic Factor

China ‘s economic betterment is one of the immense alterations of our clip. Over the past twelvemonth, China gross domestic merchandise and services has grown to an mean about 11 % yearly. This proved the stableness in China economic system. Government engagement in China Economy

In China, authorities supports take serious safeguard over Renminbi ( RMB ) , or Yuan. This can be seen when RMB can be to the full exchangeable, which mean it ca n’t be exchange outside China, Hong Kong and Macau ( this will be discuss in farther chapter ) . Other than currency, the Chinese still protect their sensitive industries from the foreign rival by passing Torahs that make the industry hard to vie. Normally this protested industries may be politically publish because these industries make a batch of money for the authorities. Rapid Growth and Effecting Water Industry

Since 1976, China ‘s economic scheme has increase from their usual economic graph. China attempt to avoid from fall ining the manner Soviet Union did after many old ages implementing close economic policy. In the 1990 ‘s, the Chinese concentrating persistently on hiking GDP growing to increasing the occupation chance. By altering their economic system policy from closed policy to open policy, the foreign investing has increasing and the authorities has encouraged foreign company to put in their market.

Although the Chinese encouraged foreign investing, but they still protects some sensitive industries from the foreign company to avoid domestic competition. By implementing Torahs for the foreign company and do it hard for the concern to vie. The illustration of protection industries are energy, air and other industries that may be affecting national and economic security.

The beginning of H2O job and deficits is China ‘s ain economic success itself. Due to the economic system roars in China more mills and power workss, all monolithic users of H2O for processing and chilling. Large metropoliss in China are acquiring bigger which consume immense sums of H2O. “ China is confronting two outstanding challenges: H2O deficits and pollution, ” said Ma Jun, manager of the Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs, a Beijing-based group ( Steven Mufson, 2010 ) . These H2O deficits can be an chance for RWS by supplying their NRW services to work out this job. Using the RWS engineering, H2O leaking from the chief reservoir can be decrease therefore will work out the H2O deficits in China.

2.3.3 Social and Cultural Factor

Demographic in China

Equally late as 1950, China ‘s population was a mere 563 million. The population grew dramatically through the undermentioned decennaries to one billion in the early 1980s.

The population of China are been recorded to the latest countrywide nose count undertaken in 2010, an impressive 1,339,724,852 citizens.

This figure includes the population of the People ‘s Republic of China ( PRC ) every bit good as the island of Taiwan, which the PRC claims as a portion of China. It besides includes the former British and Lusitanian settlements of Hong Kong and Macau, which are governed as particular administrative parts. ( World Populations Review, February 12 ) .

Culture and Lifestyle in China

It is extremely of import for all international companies to understand that concern civilization in China is based on strong household webs or cultural ties secured I “ guanxi ” connexion ( Allansum, Jun 2007 )

Guanxi means “ relationships ” , stands for any signifier of relationship. In making concern in China, it is every bit good understood as the web of relationship between different parties that cooperate together and back up each other.

The chief of import values of Chinese people civilization including: –

Hierarchical construction of societal life

Cultivation of morality and temperateness

Importance of the household

Emphasis on difficult work and accomplishment

The Workings Populations

CHINA ‘S working-age populationA fellA last twelvemonth as a proportion of the sum, harmonizing to figures released by the National Bureau of Statistics last hebdomad. Chinese aged 15-64 represented 74.4 % of the population in 2011, compared with 74.5 % the twelvemonth earlier. The statistic prompted one or two narratives theorizing about the terminal of inexpensive China ( The Economist, Jan 2012 ) .

China ‘s working-age-populations are non yet falling in absolute footings. Judging by the NBS figures, it increased by about 3.45m in 2011. In fact, China ‘s working-age population numbered over 1 billion ( 74.4 % of 1,347,350,000 ) in 2011 for the first clip ( The Economist, Jan 2012 ) .

The challenge of supplying an acceptable quality of life for a society every bit monolithic as China- and turning of all time larger is a chief concern to the China authorities. In an attempt to cut down the rate of population growing, the Chinese authorities since 1978 has promoted the one-child household among the Han. ( Georgine K. Fogel 2010 ) . Married twosome are urged to hold merely one kid. Wagess such as better chances for one kid are offered to the people of China. Family-planning advice and birth-control system are easy available and normally been used.

2.3.4 Technological Factor

New engineerings create new merchandises and new procedures. Technology can cut down costs, better quality and lead to invention ( OxfordUnivesity Press, 2007 ) . These developments can convey advantages to consumers every bit good as the company in supplying the merchandise and service they offered.

Science and Technology

Through the period, the China accomplishment of scientific discipline and engineering are increasing quickly thru their flourishing economic construction. The major accomplishments are the find of the Daqing Oilfield, constructing the first atomic bomb, synthesis and crystalline insulin, atomic power station and orbiter launching engineering ( Ameer Shafiq B. Kamalullail, PESTEL Analysis for China and Finland Feb, 2010 ) .

Research and Development

The authorities design many programs and schemes in developing the R & A ; D industry. Many plans to heighten R & A ; D industry are launched such as the “ Torch Program ” and the “ Scaling Highs Program ” ( Ameer Shafiq B. Kamalullail, PESTEL Analysis for China and Finland Feb, 2010 ) .

Technology Development of Water Industry in China

The China Government has encouraged the importance of deciding pollution and shortage H2O issues. These issues were clearly been raised during the 17th CPC Party Congress. We will increase disbursement on energy and environmental preservation with the focal point on escalating bar and control of H2O, air and dirt pollution and bettering the life environment for both urban and rural occupants ( Hu Jintao ‘s Report, 17th Party Congress Oct 2007 ) .

China ‘s H2O concern market has technological development demands in seven countries which are upgrading H2O purification workss, rate of losingss in the grapevines, energy efficiency of effluent intervention installations, sludge intervention engineering, and membrane intervention engineering ( Ms. Han Wei, The China Water Business Seminar, October 2010 ) .

Water concern in China is still in the early phase of development ( Mr Yang Bin, The China Water Business Seminar, October 2010 ) . Competition will drastically escalate over monetary values, while no company has yet to develop the nucleus engineerings research and development or achieve concern development all over China. This may be the best opportunity for RWS to perforate and present their Aqua Smart system to the China H2O concern.

The China authorities is besides be aftering in heightening their H2O industry R & A ; D in assorted issues, including support for the Construction Department ‘s attempt to build a base for industrialising new H2O intervention engineering. ( Ms. Han Wei, the China Water Business Seminar, October 2010 ) .

2.3.5 Environmental Risk Factor

Environmental hazards in China have addition quickly, as metropoliss such as Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou. China has monolithic environmental job, including air pollutions and large-scale H2O pollution jobs on tremendous graduated table countries. Recognizing this state of affairs, China authorities has originate new jurisprudence and tougher conformity criterion. In 1979, China ‘s first Environmental Protection Law was promulgated ( Tashi Tsering, China ‘s H2O Politics: In Whose Interest? , 2005 ) . The Environmental Protection Law was so ordinances than been renewed and alterations due to the current state of affairss. As the state ‘s local and national leaders put more dentitions into Torahs aimed at stemming environmental harm, it can be expected that more insurance merchandises will go available to help companies in pull offing environmental issues ( Marsh, Volume V, Issues 3, Understanding China ‘s Business Risk Environment ) .

Water Crises Impacting the China People.

The effects of H2O crisis clearly extend beyond these direct physical complaints, impacting the supports of husbandmans and rival communities. Harmonizing to celebrated H2O expert Peter Gleick H2O quality is so bad in some parts that local husbandmans sell their contaminated grains, grown with contaminated H2O and so purchase grain for themselves grown in country with supposed sure H2O supplies ( The Social Impact of Water, March 2010 ) .

Harmonizing to The Social Impact of Water, March 2010, China ‘s local populations have much to lose as the state ‘s H2O crisis deepens:

An estimated 300 million rural Chinese deficiency entree to safe imbibing H2O

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development ( OECD ) estimates that 100s of 1000000s are imbibing H2O contaminated with pollutants such as inordinate fluoride, every bit good as toxins from untreated effluent, agricultural chemicals and bleeding landfill waste

In 2006, about half of China ‘s major metropoliss do non run into province imbibing H2O qual

About the author

This paper is written by Sebastian He is a student at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA; his major is Business. All the content of this paper is his perspective on China Malaysia Business Relationship Tourism and should be used only as a possible source of ideas.

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