My Future Plans and Goals in Life

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When I imagine my future, I see myself as a college grad and successful person. I have many aspirations as to what I want to achieve. I hope to leave an impact on this world for future generations. My first goal, which is shared by my parents, is to go to college. I aim to get good grades in high school so that I can attend a good college. My parents really want me to be educated, because they feel that that is what it takes to succeed in life.

I also share that view. Another reason I hope to attend college is that I imagine that when I am finished and graduated, I will feel a great sense of accomplishment. Also, My older brothers are in college, and I would like to continue the tradition.

Another plan I have for my future is my occupation. I think that I would like to be either an engineer, the occupation my dad has, or a scientist.

I do not know what specific field I would like to major in, but I know that I want one of these two jobs. I think that they are the right job for me because they are interesting. I want to work at a job that I don’t mind doing, as opposed to loathing every hour I spend at my occupation. But above all, I want to be successful. I have no preference over either one, as long as I am able to make a living out of it.

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My hope is that I will be able to work in a place that I like and make a living, enough to be considered successful. My last goal concerns my mark on this world. In my life, I hope to accomplish something memorable. I do not wish to be famous, for fame comes at a price. I just want to do something beneficial to someone or something and be recognized for it, if only briefly. An example of what I’m talking about is, say, an improvement to a scientific tool, or making plans for an eco-friendly factory of some sort. Things of that sort of magnitude is what I hope to accomplish. I want to be able to look back on my life and feel that I contributed something, however small, to this world for future generations.

Thave set my aspirations for the future high, but I know that I can accomplish them. If I have made it this far in school, I think I will be able to do good on the remaining half of my education. And, through my education, I am sure I will find the right job for me. With hard work and effort, I can achieve anything.

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