Granite Microsystems Is an Engineering Based Solutions Provider

The following example essay on “Granite Microsystems Is an Engineering Based Solutions Provider” analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of the company, after which conclusions are drawn about the development prospects.

Granite Microsystems is an engineering based solutions provider for custom integrated computers and related computer products. They operate on five levels namely Component Supply Support, Board Level Design & Manufacturing, Industrial Computer System Integration, Integration of System into Subassembly, and Full Final Product Assembly.

Granite Microsystems’ strengths lie on three primary aspects.

First, having Component Supply Support and Integration of System into Subassembly production divisions allows the company advantageous flexibility in their Full Final Product Assembly. Granite Microsystems relies on their own production levels, not on other sub-manufacturers for the basic parts and circuitry that they need to build their own custom final products. Second, Granite Microsystems has been in the business since the early 90’s. They have built a good client base and are considered as preferred suppliers by several medical, industrial and semiconductor companies.

Third, Granite Microsystems’ consumer base covers two industrialized continents, North America and Asia.

Granite Microsystems’ weaknesses lie on two primary aspects. First, their focus is mainly on industrial level production. Their production line only covers industrial grade computers and subcomponents for other electronic, semiconductor companies. They do not have a consumer base for home users nor for small business users. Second, their production levels are only as deep as sub-component level. They do not have a direct source of raw materials which they still need to obtain from other manufacturers.

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One opportunity that we will discuss is the rise of health care needs. Over the last few years, there has been a boom in health care in developed countries such as Japan, Australia, and the United States. This has caused a surge in peripheral companies such as medical supplies providers. New companies have began to spring up and take root in several parts of the world. Granite Microsystems’ final product line specializes on the industrial grade computers that these budding companies need.

Their ability to provide for their own subcomponents gives them the edge over their rivals who still need to contract production from other companies and even from Granite itself. Their well established reputation also gives them the upper hand when it comes to these medical companies’ selection of preferred computer solutions providers. On the other hand, other Granite rivals that can provide for their own raw materials may overtake them in supplying these new customers.

Another opportunity is the rising Asian economy. Both India and China have shown remarkable progress in commerce over the last few years. This has led to major outsourcing activities from companies based developed countries mostly from the United States. These companies have set up customer care departments and technical support centers in countries like India or the Philippines which require massive industrial scale computer needs.

Being based on both the North America and Asia, this places Granite Microsystems in the forefront of the occurring commercial boom where it may exploit the demands for industrial level computers. Unfortunately, their inability to provide for home users and mall scale businesses incapacitates them from participating in those markets which are also booming in Asia. Since commerce has improved, even China has become a lot more lax with their internal policies which has raised standard of living conditions and allowed people greater freedom to procure home grade computers. This is a demand for which Granite simply lacks the supply for.

One threat that can be discussed is the growing public awareness on electronic waste. This growing international concern has focused grievances on computer manufacturers whose products have highly toxic substances and are non-biodegradable. Granite Microsystems can use their production flexibility to allocate resources in research for possible solutions for the problem. Also, their long history of good management and sound business practices will allow them fairly adequate good publicity which can support their sincerity when they announce that they are doing what they could.

Also, since most of these concerns have to do with the disposal of electronic waste in third world countries in Asia, Granite Microsystems’ well established presence in the region can solidify its efforts for a solution. It can initiate clean up programs and tie-ups with governments and concerned social groups which would dilute any bad publicity they might get. They can also extend several other forms of corporate responsibility that can build up good reputation with the governmental and non-governmental groups concerned.

On the other hand, their dependency on other companies for raw materials might put them in a bad light since it is precisely from their sub-contracting companies that the poisonous, non-biodegradable substances come from. Granite Microsystems’ must find a way to collaborate with their subcontractors in finding a solution or consider divorcing them for more ecology friendly alternatives.

Based on the SWOT analysis, Granite Microsystems’ strengths allow them to exploit opportunities available with minimal hindrances coming from its weaknesses. Its strengths are also invaluable in helping the company deal with current threats. Its weaknesses can aggravate threats but are surmountable with a synergistic use of the company’s various strengths.

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