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Being A Student Athlete

Paying College Athletes

Two out of every five Division athletes mom from single parent homes and athletics are their only opportunity to provide a future for themselves and their families. It is not easy for these students to get jobs because their schedules are already full. For example, many division I football teams practice twice a day. A…

College Athletes Should Be Paid to Play

College athletes devote lot of their time and energy to athletic competition so much in the fact that they are regularly considered athletes first and student second. They provide an extraordinary amount of revenue for their colleges as college sports are one of the most popular business in the whole world, and it is still…

College Athletes Should Be Paid From Their Skills

Imagine working over 50 hours a week or longer and not getting paid for what you do. This is what we expect college athletes to do on a regular basis. Not only do they have to be in college full time, in addition, they commit a full work week of time playing a sport. Students…

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Paying a Salary to College Student Athletes

For years, the debate has been whether college athletes should be paid a salary. There has been little or no action taking place on this topic. Many people think that they should get paid, but also many people think that they shouldn’t at all. There are benefits to paying college athletes as well as not…

Why College Athletes Should Get Paid Compensation?

For years, Division I athletes have been pouring their hearts out day after day, week after week, to protect the pride and tradition of their universities. With television contracts and shoe deals alone, the athletes are bringing in the money and other forms of revenue. Sure, you can say that the typical athlete’s scholarship is…

College Athletes and Massive Income and Profit

At some colleges, athletics is a crucial source of revenue, and they attract many students to their institutions. Colleges and universities depend on their athletes to generate and maintain the popularity of their school’s name. There have been many arguments over if student-athletes should not be paid because they are receiving full ride scholarships by…

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