Individual Needs in Health & Social Care

What is this unit about? The aim of this unit is to the aim of this unit is to enable learners to gain the knowledge, understanding and skills related to meeting individual needs. Knowledge and understanding of the needs of individuals is fundamental to delivering effective health and social care. Assessment of the needs of Read More

Activities For Health And Well-Being

I carried out a number of different activities with a person who has a learning disability; all the activities were effective in every sense to this person as they involved emotional, physical, psychological needs of my service user. I had a number of activities lined up for the day so there was a lot to Read More

E-Health with Knowledge Management: The Areas of Tomorrow

The importance of e-health has grown tremendously these days combined with the concept of knowledge management will serve to enhance the efficiency of e-health initiatives. The term e-health characterizes not only a technical development but also a way of thinking, commitment for networked, global thinking to improve healthcare locally and worldwide by using information system Read More

Health, safety and security report

Health and safety is very important in health and social care. Risk Assessments are carried out and updated regularly to try and prevent risks and hazards, Risks are the chance that something may happen and lead to a hazard, hazards are something that can cause harm, for example someone tripping over a step and ending Read More

Positive Working Practice

Positive working practice enables health and social care workers to meet the specific needs of clients. Each area of work needs to ensure that it meets the needs of all individuals. This means that everyone must have access to all these services regardless of their abilities. Positive working practice becomes a great asset when considering Read More

Health and Safety at Work Act 1974

All employers have legal responsibilities under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. Employers must meet certain rules to make sure everyone in that place of work is safe. It also means employees have to be careful that there are no risks of injury to anyone. In a childcare setting the Health and Safety Read More

Health education campaigns

How are these campaigns communicated? * Mass media * Written * Oral * Computerised Effectiveness in terms of: * Achieving aims and objectives * Reaching targeted audience * Suitability for the targeted audience * Impact on target audience * Readability cost effectiveness Mass media: Achieving aims and objectives: Mass media health promotion campaign which I Read More

Factors Affecting Health and Well-Being

Many different factors affect a person’s health and well-being. Health and well-being mean different things to different people. According to the Oxford dictionary, health is ‘the state of being free from an illness or a disease’ and well-being means ‘the state of being comfortable, healthy or happy. ’ A person’s social, economic, cultural and physical Read More