Components that Influence Health

It is important that a professional athlete does not take any illegal substances and does not take in too many alcoholic substances. Also, any professional athlete should not smoke. For example, an athlete such as Colin Jackson (110m hurdles), would not smoke because it can decrease lung capacity and affect many parts of the body Read More

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Living a Healthier Lifestyle

Nowadays, when people are asked if they live a healthy lifestyle, most of them would answer “No.” Why? Because living in this chaotic world needs money in order to survive and meet one’s needs. Parents tend to forget to exercise regularly, eat a balanced diet and sleep at least eight hours a day because of Read More

Housing and the Environment

I have chosen to look at the topic of Housing in the borough of Hackney. Based in east London with a population of 208,365 residents, (London Directory, 2010), Hackney is made up of many different nationalities and religions and the borough covers an area of 7. 4 square miles. There are also many parks including Read More

Public health

Public health is concerned with, reducing health inequality minimising health risks and improving the health status of populations’ (Brocklehurst, 2004). Wanless (2004, p23), defines public health as, ‘The Science and art of preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting health through organised efforts and informed choice of society, organisations public and private, communities and individuals”. Throughout Read More

Growth and Development in Practice – Weaning

According to the Department of Health (2008) weaning is the gradual introduction of solid food into the diet of a baby at a time when breast or formulae milk alone is no longer enough for healthy growth and nutrition. The goal of weaning is that the child will eat the same solid foods as rest Read More

Justification of exercise referral schemes as part of the public health strategy

Data from the Health Survey for England showed that obesity reached epidemic proportions, affecting 29% of men and 32% of women in 2006. Obesity is a growing epidemic which instigates detrimental health risks associated with diabetes, coronary heart disease (CHD), coronary artery disease (CAD), musculo-skeletal problems, hypertension and many other conditions (Demura, 2007), (Mathieu et Read More