The Diary Of Anne Frank Summary

Anne Frank was born in Frankfurt, Germany, to a Jewish family, on June 12, 1929. Her father, Otto Frank, was a businessman. Anne and her older sister Margot grew up surrounded by loving parents and relatives, and received a good education. One day, Nazi police sent a call-up notice for Anne’s father and for her sister, Margot for their transportation to a concentration camp. They flee to their hiding place, the Secret Annex the following day. Another family, the Van Daans with their son Peter, arrive and later, take in another person, Mr.

Dussel. Anne writes about a day in the Annex, describing many of the activities and personalities of the people in the Secret Annex. Anne is so affected by the tension that at times she goes to bed crying. She wants to live a normal life. She needs fresh air, and wishes that the darkness and cruelty of the war would go away so that they can go back to a regular life.

Anne hears on the radio that they will be making a collection of diaries and letters after the war, and she wants to publish her diary.

She continues writing in her diary and revises it to hopefully get it published after the war. Anne celebrates her fifteenth birthday in the Annex. She wishes she could look at nature more often, and not through a dirty window. Many cities have fallen to the allies, and the mood is positive. Anne’s diary ends on August 4, 1944, for on that day, the Secret Annex was raided and the Frank family was taken away to German and Dutch concentration camps.

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The Diary Of Anne Frank Summary
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