texting affect on writing

Texting is very convenient in our lives, it’s very easy and nice when you’re texting someone from thousands of miles and you feel like you’re with them. Texting makes you worry less about you family, friends etc. because if we go back to 90’s 80’s or 70’s we’ll realize how much harder it was to contact with people without phone and especially without text message. Isn’t it satisfying when your sister or brother is in different country and you can text her/him whenever you want? I would say yes! Of course, it’s convenient to text because sometimes you’re calling people who can’t pick up the phone or can not talk and you can just text them and ask how they’re doing – in just two or three minutes.

- This is what Michaela Culington is arguing about, she made very good points of her opinion on texting and writing, in her very convincing essay.

In her essay Cullington starts with descriptive technique, it means that she’s giving us a lot of information and telling us a different stories, after that she keeps introducing a different issues while she using narrative writing technique, which means that she’s telling us a story, introduces different characters but keeps her voice silent. In the middle of her essay the author uses persuasive writing style. And in the end of the essay Cullington is claiming her ideas and opinions where she uses very argumentative and convincing language of writing.

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I will be honest and say, that I totally agree with Michaela Cullington when she says that “Texting is not interfering with students use of standard written English and has no effect on their writing abilities in general” in her essay – “Does Texting Affect Writing?” In first paragraphs Michaela Cullington is presenting us what is texting and how new generation is using it. In the beginning she seems like she thinks texting really affect writing, she’s saying that most of the students nowadays, are using the abbreviations which makes student get used to it and use that language in professional writing. Cullington has very strong arguments of both sides. She made a research which is very important and strong for making arguments in essay. She said that teachers are complaining about students who are not using grammar in their writing but soon she made another research where she states, that most of the teachers say, that adult students know how to write professionally and how to not be ashamed of writing abbreviations in their essays or etc. Cullington explains that texting has a positive effect on writing, and texting with abbreviations is a new thing, which is invented by teenagers. So this argument is a whole new thing in her essay. She is using David Crystal’s quote “Latest manifestation of the human ability” (Txtng176) as an supportive evidence but that is not all, she makes that argument even stronger with another author’s quote when David Warlick says that he agrees with Crystal and he thinks “students must get credits for making a new language” (qtd in Carey). So, what is Cullington doing with this argument? She’s trying to make it more complexed to make more people believe in her argument, it means that in her essay she points the views of people who are more famous and worthy of respect to convince her readers.The author of the essay is also using English professor’s book “ A Better Pencil” as an evidence which claims that students rarely using the abbreviations in their text messages and in professional works they’re not even using them. She’s trying to have a very strong evidence for her argument because she’s bringing up the ideas of different people who as I said are more famous and respected by people than Michaela Cullington. Cullington comes up with very strong argument – she’s saying that teachers think it’s even better that students are texting frequently because it makes them like writing more and it will affect in their schoolwork, she is supporting her argument with strong research and those people’s points which is more persuasive for people to believe her – this is where she’s using persuasive writing technique which helps to make people believe in her idea. Even though Michaela Cullington’s statement, about how texting damages writing skills is very strong, she comes up with stronger argument, when she states that texting is not interfering with students writing abilities, because she has very good supportive statements. She makes her argument stronger when she says, she is also a texter it highlights her evidence and brings the attention to it. There’s also another evidence what she’s making in the essay – she’s saying that students have more practice when they’re texters and they’re using it in everyday life, because I think she is the one who have tried it already. Attention must be paid to the fact that writer is young and she’s a part of new generation. It’s all her experience what she is talking about – she’s the one who’s using texting in her life as an good experience and benefit so it’s very convincing for reader to believe in her argument, this is subjective type of writing, where she’s coming up with her own experience. The thing that I like is that she is not criticizing anyone or anything, she is strongly showing us her argument, but no one is being criticized. I could say that topic is very sensitive because many people think that 21st century and its digitals are destroing communications and humanity but the thing is that Michaela Collington made very strong arguments, which claims that there are new things in new generation which is not abolishing and damaging for life. As I said above, Michaela said that she is a texter who’s getting around 6,400 messages in a month and she is also a part of her argument which makes her thesis more persuasive and stronger. “Anecdotal experiences should not overshadow the actual evidence” (471) – this sentence means that because of couple mistakes in the world, it does not mean that new texting abbreviations are not usable.

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texting affect on writing
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