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The scene is set in a small garden, with a few bushes and perhaps a fountain. There is a house, of which one of the windows is Juliet’s, but there is no balcony. It is quite minimalist, though there are some plants, but only one window, with a muslin curtain which flutters in the wind as the window is open. Romeo appears, dressed on the same clothes as he wore at the party, but without the mask. He wears a sword and a feathered hat.

He appears to have been drinking alcohol and so is slightly intoxicated. But this is only shows through his slightly slurred speech and unbalanced walk.

He walks around, up and down and in circle as if very agitated. And then starts to talk (he jests…. wound), still unaware of the window, and is walking around, kicking at the pebbles and dirt on the floor. A flickering light then appears at Juliet’s window, and Romeo stumbles away from it shielding his eyes (even though it is not very bright we can attribute this to his tipsiness) puts his hand to his sword as if expecting to have to draw it quickly, for a fight, and hides behind a bush, although it does not offer much cover.

He first seems worried and angry, and speaks quickly (but soft…breaks) but then as he realises it is Juliet’s room his face relaxes and his speech slows.

What Is A Vestal Livery

He points at the window as he says “arrive fair sun” gently and tenderly, but then speaking quite aggressively and he contorts his face as he makes a violent gesture at the moon.

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He spits out the words “sick” and “pale” with disgust, but then looks back up at Juliet’s window, and says “that thou….. than she” whilst he stumbles out from the bush and cranes his neck to get a glimpse of Juliet, whilst running to his next bush as a hiding place.

He sits here and completes his speech, pointing to his own clothes when he talks of “vestal livery”. Juliet then appears in her nightdress and is brushing her hair, which is wet, and is the reason she wet outside, to dry it, is unaware of Romeo walking around bellow her. All is silent for a few moments as Romeo does not realise she is there, he walks around kicking up the dirt and stones, until he looks up and notices Juliet, he then silently hides behind a bush. He then starts to whisper silently to himself (it is my lady….

that cheek), stealing furtive glances towards her, several times making out as if to jump out from behind the bush and talk to her. He slowly gets loader as he talks and getting faster until he suddenly realises he is talking too loud and quietens at “the brightness of her cheek… “. He says “it is my lady… ” as if he is convincing himself, as she is not truly his lady yet, with a pause between the two sections of the phrase. He is sad when he whispers “o that… were! ” and slows down. He makes as if to get up and call out to her when he says “I will answer it”, but then he pauses and stops and chides himself, settling back down.

He speaks enviously of the two stars which trap Juliet’s attention, waving his hands around, pointing at the particular two. He gets more passionate till he reaches the volume climax” what if her… her head? ” Then he realises he is two loud and may draw attention to himself so he suddenly become more quiet. He faces upwards and makes dramatic hand movements as he talks of the sky “would through the airy…. Not night”. He then turns back to Juliet as she leans over, and looks at his own hand as he says “see how… her hand”. Juliet meanwhile is still brushing her hair (for it is quite long), and then starts to stare at the moon.

After Romeo finishes talking Juliet sighs and says the words (ay me), and leans out the window staring at the moon wistfully. Romeo stays behind the bush, now staring at Juliet and whispers passionately to himself “she speaks” and waits hopefully for her to carry on, stepping out from his bush, to hide in another with a better view. Juliet here goes in and appears at another window, when she appears again; Romeo begins to speak fervently, rashly and quickly. He slows down when he says “as a winged messenger for thou art”, and sighs with wonder, his face upturned towards Juliet.

He makes large dramatic gestures with his hands, reaching up when he says “over my head”, and making a gesture as if to brush something away from on top of his head, and clutching the air behind him. And when he speaks of the heavens, “as a winged messenger of heaven” he has a wondrous upon his face and he changes the way he is sitting to be more comfortable. He looks dreamy through the continuation of this speech, talking of things wondrous and his eyes are constantly upturned or upon Juliet. He only awakens from tis dream when Juliet speaks, here he jumps at the sound, having been lost in his own world.

Juliet is now starting to talk (o Romeo… Capulet), louder than Romeo, unaware of anyone else’s presence, staring dreamily from her window, looking up to the moon. Romeo then is about to jump out and talk to her, but stops and whispers (shall… at this), looking worried and undecided.. Juliet carries on talking ( tis… all myself)but now more purposely, and perhaps slightly angrily, using more hand movements, but still looking upwards, and so does not notice Romeo. Romeo finally decides to jump out and calls up to her in a strong and wilful voice yet still passionate, with a hint of distrust and worry.

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