The Old Guitarist Analysis Essay

Pablo Picasso is one of the most world-renowned artists and possibly the most famous artist of the 20th century.I know that when I think of art thefirst artist that comes to mind is Picasso.He was a Spanish artist that started his career at a young age during the turn of the century.Since his father was an art teacher he was supported heavily and learned the different styles and techniques from somebody that knew them best.Somebody even once said that Pablo knew how to draw and paint before he could talk.

Picasso had about three main stages in his career.They were the Blue Period, the Rose Period, and Cubism.Picasso also had very erotic overtones in his artwork, mostly towards the end of his career.The painting that I will be analyzing is from the beginning of his career, toward the end of his Blue Period, so the eroticism is absent from this work of art.The painting is titled “The Old Guitarist” and depicts a homeless man playing the guitar.

He is dressed in rags and looks like he is possibly blind.The painting is monochromatic with the dominant color being blue.”The Old Guitarist” is one of Pablo Picasso’s most famous works of art and represents his feelings and mood during the period of his life and career known as the Blue Period.
During Picasso’s Blue Period he drew homeless and decrepit people.He drew a lot of street people and prostitutes.He was mostly concentrating on painting pictures that represent pain and suffering.

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This period lasted from 1901- 1904.”The Old Guitarist” was painted in 1903, so it was during the tail end of his Blue Period.This painting got across his mood and the type of feelings he wanted to portray more than out of all the paintings during this period.Picasso had a hard time trying to sell some of his work during this period of his life, but in recent years these paintings from his Blue Period

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The Old Guitarist Analysis Essay
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