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“Saving Sourdi” by Mailee Chai, is a story of a women name Sourdi , where her life is been arranged for marriage to a husband who will provide a lifestyle suitable to raising a family. However, she was provided with a good environment to raise their children in, and a strong man who will support their needs financially. As a young child Sourdi was really close to her younger sister Nea; They talked about things every night before going to bed. Exclusively their relationship had fell down the Drain.

When Sourdi, reached time for her to become a woman.

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She was arranged to get married to a man named Chhay, and moves out. Even though Nea didn’t like the whole situation, she had to deal with it. The fact her sister detached from her, and they barely see each other. When Nea answers one of Sourdi’s phone call one night, Sourdi Sound like she was crying.

When Nea asked what happened , she ignored her question and asked for her mom. Nea got suspicious thinking Mr. Chhay had hit her sister. So Nea gets Sourdi ex-boyfriend and told him everything, but never mentioned that she never told Sourdi she was coming over, to see what was going on.

When Nea and Sourdi ex-boyfriend Duke arrived at Sourdi place, Nea sat there, waiting for a sign to go in. When Nea got in Sourdi’s House. Sourdi was surprised because, she was not expecting any company over.

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Nea saw a bruise in Sourdi’s face. At that moment Nea thought Mr. Chhay had hit Sourdi. Duke made a big movement by knocking Mr. Chhay in the mouth. But later on, they found out that the baby diapers had fell on her face. And the reason she was crying on the phone for mama because she was pregnant with another baby, and didn’t know what to do. When that was settled Nea was satisfied and went home.

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