The Achievement I Am Proud Of Essay

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My Life Achievement Essay

Many people judge others by their life achievements such as educational level and material possession. Some cliché of people argues that an individual’s life achievement shows their level of hard work and dedication. However, it is important to judge people not just by their past achievements, but also by the things they aspire to achieve in the coming days (Pajaczkowska, 2013). From that point of view, I appear to have attained a life achievement by graduating from college.

The vision and goals I hope to achieve in life compels me to fix my eyes on the ball in order to attain them in the near future. In this paper, I would address my personal achievement, which is graduating from college.

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For some students, attending a college is a way to improve professionally while it is a way to improve one’s situation for others. For many students, attending a college is a path that will help them improve their family’s situation and make the community proud of them.

I decided to join a college to gain professional skills that will allow me to get a decent job. I had goals that I wanted to achieve, and I believed getting a diploma will allow me to reach those targets. I also believed that a good college will enhance my socialization skills. I am happy that I managed to graduate despite various challenges that I encountered as an immigrant student.

I thank God that I graduated, but it was not easy for me.

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I was an immigrant student and the only member of my family to be in a college. There are many challenges that face immigrants’ students; they find it hard to get fees assistance from institutions that help students and also they may face cultural challenges. There are times I might have felt to give up, but I encourage myself to go forward and make an achievement. I could not allow those challenges to deter my ambition to graduate one day since I was determined to succeed. My family gave me moral support that was instrumental during my college days. As the first person in my family to join college and graduate, I hope to be a role model for other family members and friends who aspire to join college.

I worked hard in order to graduate. I attended every lecture so that I could not miss any information from the professors. Apart from a few college mates, a majority of them were instrumental in my studies because they provided a good environment for learning. The contribution of my lecturers cannot be ignored; they were always ready to offer guidance concerning various questions that I asked them. When I see my diploma, I see myself as a successful person, and I count it as a life achievement. The college life gave me an opportunity to meet many students from different walks of life and enhance my socialization skills.

I hope my graduation from college will serve to motivate other young people from my family and community. I hope they will learn from my perseverance and be motivated to study hard. Since I am now a graduate, I can apply for any job that I qualify because graduating from college has given me a key to open the door for jobs. I hope to impact my family, community and the entire world in a positive way.


Pajaczkowska, A. (2013). Jan Czochralski: Brief sketch of his life and achievements. Journal of Crystal Growth.

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The Achievement I Am Proud Of Essay
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