Movie Critique

Intense car chases, extraordinary fight scenes, a great story line.These are all components of a good movie.Warner Brothers executes these with pizzazz in the movie “The Matrix: Reloaded” by director Josh Oreck.The matrix is a science fiction movie and thus appeals to a very critical audience.It displays all the necessary components of camera arts and computer imaging.We have come along way from Thomas Edison’sfirst film, “Fred Ott’s Sneeze” which used roles of celluloid film.

The story of “The Matrix” is society in the future.We have developed A.I. (artificial intelligence) and it has gone beyond our control and in an attempt to terminate the problem we have fallen into a war.The real world is in ruin as a result of our futile attempts to stop the machines we have scorched the sky and the machines have destroyed our cities.The machines have managed to harvest and grow humans for our BTUs (body heat) they harness that to create electricity and thus have fueled their world.

We live in incubators where the machines have created a virtual world for us, which they control via probes and fluid lines that they feed us through metal implants.The main metal implant is at the back of our heads where they tap into our consciousness, thus creating an alternate world.There is one human city left however, made by those minds that have been “set free” from the matrix and are of course unplugged, the city is Zion.

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The prophecy believed by most of the people is that the “One” lives in the matrix and can end the war.He lives in the matrix but can bend the rules of the construct of the matrix because it is a computer program it has rules.He can bend those rules at will and defeat the agents which are programs that work for the matrix keeping us slaves to the machines.In thefirst movie Morpheus (Lawrence Fishburne) sets the “One” free.…

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