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“Sexy” Men have been called many names: dogs, liars, cheaters and even manipulators. “Till death do us apart” has long past due, the growing age of the millennium generation is slowly disregarding this part when making vows. Most men are going into marriages, with absolute disregard of commitment to their significant other. The story “Sexy’ by Jhumpa Lahiri exemplifies the deceitfulness of some men in marriages. A man who goes anywhere without a his wedding ring on is Just as in efault as a single women who deliberately continues to pursues a married man.

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From the start of Dev and Miranda’s affair it was clear that Dev was the one who perused Miranda first. Even though Miranda took the time to analysis everything about Dev, Dev like most men was adding and subtracting the different ways he was going to get Miranda’s attention. According to an article written by Keith Brown states that ” But if one (men) chooses to cheat or have sex on a one night stand, it’s because they consciously and deliberately decide to have an affair or a onetime fling, and ogically plan every step to ensure that they don’t get caught with their boxers around their ankles.

Therefore before Miranda had the chance to choose whether or not she wanted to go on board with DeVs secret logically planned out cheating scheme, Dev had already thought way ahead of her, which gave her no chance to react.

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“Part of your name is Indian,” the man said, pacing his steps with hers. This statement made by Dev proved that all along he was contemplating on how he wanted to approach Miranda.

With little hints hear and there Dev indirectly was communicating his odd commitment to his wife, for example when Miranda asked him who he was buying the cream for, he states that “They’re for my wife. ” He could have lied but because he knew Miranda was young, he was willing to take his chances in telling her the truth. Dev even made plans with Miranda to spend every night with her, yet he made it clear that he was obligated to be at home every day at six in the morning to answer the phone when his wife called from India.

This is another example of plan and ction of cheating married men. Next hint of planned cheating was DeVs remark to Miranda when she asked him why he circled that particular location in the Economist, Dev’s reply was simply “Don’t worry it’s something you will never know about. ” The sad part was he knew him knew Miranda did not deserve the right to know personal background information of him. Dinner, walks, movie dates almost anything you can imagine Dev was willing to do with Miranda.

Suddenly things started to change when DeVs wife came back from India, because then Dev have to ome ups with an excuse to see Miranda. ” His excuse, that he’d spent the afternoon jogging, allowed him to take a shower when he got home, first thing. ” Dev had everything planned out not from that moment but from the beginning when they met. Every day Dev was given the opportunity to think of new schemes to Just sleep with Miranda, he was greedy, selfish and sneaky. Not only did Dev prove that he was deceitful he also showed that even if a man is married toa beautiful woman he will still cheat !

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