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Hefted cultural dimensions analysis with multinational business management France, Britain, Germany , Italy Today, the world economic integration process , the company’s multinational operations has become an unstoppable trend . But the Eastern and Western cultures have a huge difference . It is easy to generate conflict in business management. Cross-cultural management refers to: multinational companies operating in the presence of various cultural differences of people and things , management mechanisms, and properly handle the cultural conflict, maximize the potential of employees and to achieve corporate tragic goals.

Hefted cultural dimensions contains five areas : power distance ( PDP ) * uncertainty avoidance (AJAX) individualism vs.. Collectivism ( DIVIDE). Masculinity vs.. Femininity ( MASS), long term vs.. Short term ( L TO ) . France China and France, as the East and the West has a long history and cultural traditions of the country, there are many differences between them on the Hefted cultural dimensions.

Dimensions China & France Hefted cultural From the table we can know that : France can accept a large power distance(PDP) .

They urgently required to prevent operation of the uncertainty Therefore organizational structures tend pyramid . But the weakness of this pyramid structure is unwieldy information communication So the manager must know:French prefer to accept hierarchy . They focus on the relationship between family members backup , And hierarchical relationship between monarch. France on individualism vs.. Collectivism (DIVIDE) score far more than China . This means that in their society, individualism is the mainstream cultural values , and more respect for the value of the individual .

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So France is individualism .

Individualism Hofstede

In sometimes French people do not like to be too intimate tit others , in order to avoid loss of independence. In the Masculinity vs.. Femininity (MASS) , China on MASS score higher than France . It shows that China tend to male values of society , but France tend to female social values. France focus on harmonious culture. France score high on uncertainty avoidance (AJAX) , so It has a strong “uncertainty avoidance” culture . It is the idealism, and it pursues absolute truth . The French don’t like surprises . Before meetings and negotiations they like to receive all necessary information. From the number of the long term vs.. Horn term (I-TO) , we now Chinese culture are long-term oriented,however French culture is short- term oriented culture . French people like instant results . For most people they pay more attention to the current situation . Because in their view , the future is ambiguous , the most real physical presence in the here and now . People tend to make decisions and get results quickly . They are accustomed to always adjust policy. In summary , Managers can not ignore to shape the value of the companies jointly . Common values can guide and encourage all employees to achieve business goals and work together .

Learn from each other , and exert their own cultural superiority . At work , managers should arrange the main task , and every employee clear their jobs . The most important things is communication . France advantage is its advanced management concepts , management system is perfect standard operating procedures . Then the company should establish a strict hierarchy , respect the majority people’s view . France tend to female social value , so the company need to ensure the quality of life of employees . The wages make employee satisfaction , and respect for their human rights . Germany

Germany is a rigorous and realistic national , It has a significant cultural differences between China . China & France Hefted cultural dimensions Germany gets a low score on PDP , we can know it is a low power distance countries . A direct and participative communication and meeting style is common . Employees will not be too dependent on leadership , they like to solve the issue through discussion . Employees are free to close the boss , and they can make the difference ideas . But the final decision lies in the hands oaf big boss . The situation is similar to China . The score on DIVIDE is Geiger than China .

Individualism is highly recognized in Germany . In Collectivist societies people belong to ‘in groups’ that take care of them in exchange for loyalty . The German society is a truly individualistic one . Loyalty is based on personal preferences for people as well as a sense of duty and responsibility. This is defined by the contract between the employer and the employee. Communication is among the most direct in the world following the ideal to be “honest, even if it hurts” – and by this giving the counterpart a fair chance to learn from mistakes. The similar score teens China and Germany in MASS .

The high score represent the society will be driven by competition. People rather “live in order to work” and draw a lot of self-esteem from their tasks. Managers are expected to be decisive and assertive. Status is often shown, especially by cars, watches and technical devices. On AAU Germany is high than China . Germany has a high uncertainty avoidance . In combination with their low Power Distance, where the certainty for own decisions is not covered by the larger responsibility of the boss . In the target management process , Germans prefer to compensate or their higher uncertainty by strongly relying on expertise .

In the corporate decision-making process, managers must allow employees to participate in the discussion and implementation of independent decisions, individual responsibility . The company’s rules and regulations must be strictly and fine German employees compare advocating self- realization, and therefore in their daily work managers should encourage employees and listen to their suggestions . Germany has a strong heart to prevent uncertainty, but the extent of the right to the gap in the middle of the Tate, and therefore in their daily work to be considered.

The PDP score is 35 , it is low . We know British power distance is small, so the business management in the UK, on the lower level are equal. Meanwhile, in order to work more convenient, you can always change between the posts. Britain stressed that equal rights, not the concentration of power . During the meeting employees can express their suggestions . A sense Of fair play drives a belief that people should be treated in some way as equals . There is a high score on DIVIDE(89) . Britain is a county that emphasizes individualism, they ore emphasis on the value of their own recognition.

Usually after receiving a task, they are more willing to achieve through their own efforts, rather than seeking help for their own purposes. On weekends or holidays, the British prefer to produce their own furniture, trim gardens, making crafts, it’s not just the development of personal skills, and a way of leisure, but also reflects the Englishman for the individual pursuit. The score on MASS is 66 , Britain is a country masculine bias, not a pure enjoyment of national life . The dominant values in society are caring for others and quality of life .

In ordinary life, and still can not cover the feisty British heart, for the details of life, they always want to be perfect. And they have been known as a gentleman, very eager to succeed . In comparison to feminine cultures such as the Scandinavian countries, people in the I-J live in order to work and have a clear performance ambition. Luau’s score is 35 , In this regard, the British have a weak uncertainty avoidance. Britons prefer huge change, do not like risk averse. Because Britain grace like innovation, leading them ahead of other countries in the first industrial revolution.

And they are also strong emerging technology than any other country. But relatively conservative British in some ways, like life under the old regime . But the detail of how we get there will be light and the actual process fluid and flexible to emerging and changing environment. Planning horizons will also be shorter. Most importantly the combination of a highly individualistic and curious nation is a high level of creativity and strong need for innovation . Englishman always reflect the people-oriented philosophy, emphasizing that everyone is equal, so leaders must pay attention to the daily management and more.

They do not want too much innovation, more to realize their value . Managers should respect each employee, and certainly their value , do well in rewarding good work . For the creation of the post of the company should not be too rigid, so that employees have greater opportunities for promotion, so better to stimulate the British feisty character . Italy The score of the PDP is 50 , it is the middle number . This dimension shows that Italians expect power distance . Northern Italy tends to prefer equality and a decentralization of power and decision-making .

They like to make fun f authorities and breaking rules seems to be an Italian hobby . Before being invited to do so, you should say “Signore” or “Signora” followed by their last name and maybe even adding personal titles . The highest score is DIVIDE (76) . Let means Italy is an Individualistic culture . It has a slightly different meaning: someone that you know and can be useful for introducing the important or powerful people. They could see only themselves and their immediate family as relevant and important when being individualistic. Most Italians prefer doing business with people they know and trust.

Decisions are then made within the in-group and meetings are used most of all to inform the other people about the outcome . The score on MASS is higher than China that the society will be driven by competition , achievement and success . Children are taught from an early age that competition is good and to be a winner is important in one’s life. Italians show their success by acquiring status symbols such as a beautiful car, a big house, a yacht and travels to exotic countries. As the working environment is the place where every Italian can reach his/her success, competition among colleagues for making a career can be very strong.

The second highest score is 75 on AAU . Italy, the people tend to be more risk-averse . Formality in Italian society is important and the Italian penal and civil code are complicated with clauses , codicils etc . In Italy the combination of high masculinity and high uncertainty avoidance makes life very difficult and stressful . To release some of the tension that is built up during the day Italians need to have good and relaxing moments in their everyday life , enjoying a long meal or frequent coffee breaks .

So Italian people are eve warm, mood, and full of strength . In business, this dimension leads to rather formal behavior,where subordinates should not call their superiors by their first name , so some people should be polite . Managers must be careful scheduling, but do not let employees do too much risk or unpredictable thing . General manager must be very warm, full of strength, drive employee motivation Young people do not like to be controlled and the attack in the form they prefer the teamwork and open management style .

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