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The Haunted House It was a house that most people tend not to venture and it gave no indication that anyone should. Its entrance had an old iron gate that creaked from here to heaven. The pavement leading to the house was beginning to crumble from its use over the years. There was a big oak tree at the front that made the house even spookier. We opened the old dirty wooden door and found ourselves in the dark musky living room.

It was filled with so much dust and cobwebs that made it almost impossible to breathe. It was furnished with antique furniture that was imported specially for its former owners.

Essay Example on A Haunted House

Some were covered with sheets while the others showed Just about enough dust to have been from centuries ago. I thought I heard sounds coming from the rooms upstairs so while the others went to see the kitchen I went ahead to explore.

The boards on the floor were old and rotting in some areas, so one had to be careful where they placed their feet. As I reached the top stairs I heard the sound again and I knew this time it was not my imagination; it sounded like a baby crying. The sound was coming from the first room on the right.

Upon opening the door I saw a rocking chair moving back and forth and thinking that someone was playing a prank on me I went forward to see what was causing the chair to move and that was when I saw her.

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She could not have been more than six years old; she was combing her doll’s hair and singing, “My bunny lives over the ocean, my bunny lives over the sea, my bunny lives over the water, so bring back my bunny to me”. I was thinking to myself and was about to ask ere what was she doing here all alone, when she stood up looked me squarely In the eyes and started coming towards me.

She walked straight through me and towards the other room, and that was when I realized that I came In contact with my first ghost. My heart started racing and my pores seemed to have opened up. I woke up minutes later with all my friends present wanting an explanation. When I told them what I saw they all laughed and said “Its best If we leave now before she starts freaking out” We exited the house and with one final glance I noticed the little girl waving goodbye.

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Haunted House Essay Examples
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