90th Birthday Speech For Grandma

Last year, on Sunday, December 28, 2015, my family and I traveled to a town in Mexico calledEjutla. Ejutla is a friendly, immaculate, quiet township located southwest of the state of Jalisco. This nice place where everyone welcomes you. You can spend a good afternoon in its clean streets. This antique town is one of the places where Catholicism survived thanks to everything Saint Rodrigo Aguilar went through. He was a German priest who was in hide out in Ejutla. To this day he has his own room in the convent where the nuns pray.

He was in hideout because he was deprecating out his word. He would say“live Christ the king” during the war and the soldiers didn’t like him saying that so one day the soldiers found out where he was hiding and they hung Saint Rodrigo off that tree which still stands in the plaza today. The tree is blocked off because it is holy. It’s been told if you eat a mango from the tree you will be holy yourself and free of sin.

Ejutla is where my grandmother lives. We went there because she was going to turn 90 and we were going to celebrate by having a big birthday party for her. The party was planned by one of my older cousins named Lucy. She would collect 50 dollars from my uncles, aunts, and my cousins to pay for the party expenses and for the people attending. Later my older sister Alejandra came up with the idea of each one of us wearing a different color to coordinate with my grandma’s clothing.

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Her grandchildren wore the color mint, her children wore emerald green, and her great-grandchildren wore peach. My grandma wore pearl colored clothing. It was a great experience because I got to see my family that I hadn’t seen in a long time. I remember when I was 8 years old I would go visit my grandma every summer. I would stay home with her and she would teach me about her faith through stories while I sat beside her in a chair. One specific story that I remember her telling me was how my great grandma (my…

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90th Birthday Speech For Grandma
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