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Flowers For Algernon Essay Paper

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: Down Syndrome

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The very beginning of your essay is called the hook because it “hooks” your re adders’ attention. The hook should relate to the topic of your essay, but it can take m any forms. It can be an anecdote (very short stow), a fact, a quote, or a rhetorical question (a question to which you don’t expect an answer). Here are three ideas for hooks that could work for this topic. Choose one of the ideas below, or use your own idea and write hook on the lines provided (13 sentences). ANECDOTE: Describe a story about intelligence or some other topic related to his essay.

Essay Example on Flowers For Algernon Topics

For example, you could talk about a person in school who is developmentally delayed or about someone you an owe who is very intelligent for that matter, so long as it has some connection to your opinion about Charlie. SURPRISING FACT: Find a fact that will raise your readers’ eyebrows. You cool d also do some research and find a surprising fact about people with developmental delays or Down Syndrome t hat is not included in the story. RHETORICAL QUESTION: Ask a question about whether or not people with De placement delays should have the same sights as people without them, or whether or not IQ levels are necessarily all t hat important.

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Your hook: STEP 5: SUMMARIZE THE ISSUE. Let readers know a little about the story and issue you will be writing about. T his is not your point of view, it’s just a very brief summary Of the issue and the story-?in this case, the Story “Flowers for Algerian” and the fact that Charlie decided to have an operation to triple his intelligence. Be sure to include a T. A. G. Statement here. Your summary of the story and the issue: PART TWO: DRAFTING, PARAGRAPH BY PARAGRAPH Directions:

Follow the guidelines below to write a strong essay on whether or not Charlie was right to have the operation to triple his intelligence. INTRODUCTION ; Open with your hook from Step 4, above. Write a transition sentence that relates your hook to the question of whether or not Charlie should have had the operation. (See the handout “Great Transitions” for some ways to link your id ease. ) ; Write your summary of the issue from Step 5. ; Finish with your thesis from Step 3. 3 BODY PARAGRAPHS Here’s where you write your reasons from Step 2.

For each reason you listed, o will write a body paragraph. As always with any paragraph you will begin with a topic sentence, then add specific diet ails from the story (including at least one quotation from the story) that provide additional details, and finally include a concluding sentence for each paragraph. Order your body paragraphs from the weakest to the strongest reason. Readers tend to remember best the diet ails that are presented last. One way to think of this is to follow the TIGER pattern: epic sentence that states the reason you believe Charlie was right or wrong to have the operation.

Flowers For Algernon Essay

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