Greek Wedding Toast: Let Love Live Forever

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When Valerie first told me – note that I was told, not asked! – That I was making a speech, I thought it was her way of getting back at me for anything I had ever done to her while growing up. Lately I realized that it is actually an honor to be asked to address YOU.

Look to your left. Look to your right. (Pause) YOU are the people Valerie and Christian love the most. They’ve invited you because this day would not be the same without you.

And you have made them a priority in your lives by celebrating with them.You have honored them with your presence and made their day so special and unforgettable. On behalf of my family, I would like to thank you all for coming. As sister of the bride, I have a unique view of Valerie. She was the little sister I had always wanted.

She was a happy, precocious child… I remember her ability to get into all sorts of trouble and then proclaim quite indignantly NOT ME! One of my favorite memories of her childhood was how much we loved rainy day we would get a tire and make it into a boat.

Flash forward to a charming pre-teen in braces that got permission to come and stay with me in New York at my first apartment.

She was willing to go along with my crazy schemes. Then as she got older, we shared a room for a few months while I stayed in New York.

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She had learned that little-sister trick of appropriating and wearing things that were not hers. And, every single night before we went to sleep I was subjected to the same boy-band song… Valerie has grown into a beautiful woman.She is no longer my little sister, but a graceful, smart, generous, caring equal. It is an honor to know the person she has become. She is a great friend as you know – loyal, patient and generous. And she loves a challenge… and this is where Christian comes in.

Christian, you are one lucky guy! Valerie you look stunning…… and Christian…. Well you look stunned! So Christian, here’s some advice for the future: She is always right She always needs some new clothes She never looks fat in anythingIf she’s right say so, and if she isn’t -say nothing! So here we are… their wedding. They have made it…. a DOZEN years together and stronger every day. High school sweethearts who have defied the odds. Leave it to them to be defiant in the face of anything! Today is a celebration of not only where they are now, but the road that has brought them here. They have built a beautiful life together.

I think you all will join me in this wish: Valerie. Christian. May you live forever in love, and may love live forever in you.

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