The Patriot Summary

The movie I choose to watch as the title implies was The Patriot. I found this movie intriguing for many reasons, to start the movie not only tied in real historical locations and events, it did so while maintaining a good and deep story. To prove to you that I watched the movie I plan on highlighting some of my favorite scenes in no particular order. To start the scene after Benjamin son Gabriel is killed and there at a camp where Gabrielle body lies on a cot.

Harry enters the tent where Benjamin and his deceased son reside and starts to talk of vengeance and the likes, to which Benjamin responds that he doesn’t know why men think that they can get vengeance for the life of another man. At the moment I thought that he had turned a new leaf and he was done with the killing, but to my “surprise” he only felt passionate about what he said for a couple of minutes and then went straight back into the army to do exactly what he had Just questioned minutes earlier.

The next scene that stands out in my mind isn’t exactly my favorite for what happens during the scene but rather for the significance it carries throughout the entire movie. When the Martins farm Is raided and ultimately burned by the British the day after a battle near the home Benjamin son Thomas is killed by William Toboggan after trying to save his brother Gabriel from the gallows (which for the time he did).

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As Toboggan and his men ride way Benjamin grabs his weapons and kills a group of British soldiers, however before this the camera zooms In on a bag of tin soldiers that Thomas had played with. Later In the movie In multiple locations we can see Benjamin melting a tin soldier and making It Into a musket ball, another Interesting side note Is that you only see him melt little soldiers before they go Into battle and win. That sums up some of the scenes I found to be rather enjoyable In The Patriot.

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