Of Self confidence “Self confidence is the realistic confidence in one’s own judgment, ability, power etc. it is the belief of believing in you; to believe that one is able to accomplish what one sets out to do, to overcome obstacles and challenges. ” The more self confident you are, the more likely you’ll succeed. For man’s perception of himself plays an important role in the way others perceive him. If a person is self confident, it will show in the way how he holds himself and interact with others.

Confidence in oneself is one of the most important steps in leading an improved and contented life.

It enables a man to pave the ways of progress and prosperity. A self esteemed person makes his position in life independently and thus by believing his characteristics, continues to rise in all fields of life. The most important feature of self confidence is that a self confident person knows all his merits and demerits.

Thus he acknowledges all matters of life in a realistic way. There be three degrees of building this self confidence. For the first of these, to be self confident, one should somehow generate the trust in one’s own natural capabilities. Trust yourself, then you will know how to live. ” Every man is endowed with some different abilities that may not encompass others and to have different qualities does not mean that a person is more or less important than others. So a man should be confident about his personal characteristics.

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Unfortunately, man is constantly being challenged by new situations and uncertainties which he cannot eliminate. In this situation, one can reassure oneself by challenging the automatic negative feelings. Self esteem and confidence shape the future of man.

Therefore, for the second, an open ground should be made for proper growth of self inclinations. A man’s individual and creative ideas cannot flourish until a sound atmosphere is provided. It is said that, body and mind can be well guided in a healthy atmosphere. Personal qualities and motivations help a lot in education as well as in business. For the third, which is most important, one should learn to present one’s self as a confident person. It can be done by making good eye contact, by standing in right posture and by speaking well before the public.

There are advantages and disadvantages of self esteem or self confidence. Confidence has always been the core of self development. Moderate amount of self confidence gives a person the freedom to make mistakes and cope with failure without feeling that his world will come to an end. Self esteemed persons do not lose their temper by listening the people’s criticism even it is unfair one. They understand their capacities of doing everything. They tolerate the feeling of anxiety and recognize that uncertainty is a challenge rather than a threat. Too much self confidence leads to pride and arrogance.

It continually holds the progress of the processor. An over confident person never learns except by bitter experiences, because he always thinks he knows, and exposes his ignorance. “People with self-confidence tend to be decisive, able to make decisions despite uncertainties and pressures believe in themselves don’t care what others say or think. ” It is not so difficult to become a self confident person as people usually think. One should learn to be self esteemed and self motivated because any person cannot gain confidence unless he has high self opinion.

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