Is Mastrubation Is Harmful

Masturbation – isn’t it harmful? Most of the professionals in the field of sexuality medicine claim that masturbation does not cause any harm to physical or mental health. Few even feel that masturbation is healthy, because it helps people to relive their sexual urge there by preventing unsafe sexual relationships. Quiet true, Masturbation may not cause any physical harm, if the standards of hygiene are maintained.

But the same cannot be true when we look at it from a psychological perspective.

Masturbation in one habit that can become a compulsive need in adolescents which is carried into adulthood, if necessary control is not brought about, at an appropriate time, by the person involved. The reasons being, it is one pleasurable activity that can be done any time, the only requirement being some place with a little privacy. It also does not involve any financial expenditure or social commitments.

So there is an urge to experience the pleasure whenever there is privacy and opportunity.

This habit in fact becomes a compulsive behavior even at this stage because in every situation of privacy creates craving for masturbation. In the next stage they start looking for privacy whenever possible just for the sake of involving in masturbation. Most of the time “rest rooms” becomes the place that is used, whenever they don’t have any other place of privacy.

Mastrubation Bad Effects

Once this practice come existence the urge can becomes so compulsive that even when they have hectic schedules or important tasks to be completed, they may just take short breaks to restrooms to finish off the urge.

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This stage indicates the obsessive psychological preoccupation with sexual thoughts and need for compulsive masturbation, to overcome the thought. The other danger is the development of the belief that masturbation is a stress buster. Yes masturbation can act as a diversion from stressful thoughts or events.

It can very well act as a buffer. But this belief system can once again increase the frequency and preoccupation that many just use this escape mechanism, and avoid exploring effective stress management methods. This can create limitations in their problem solving and decision making abilities The belief that masturbation can induce sleep also makes people involve in it every day before they go to bed and may a psychological cause of sleep disturbance, if they are in situations where they cannot involve in the habit before sleep

The hazard of masturbation is not just associated with the habit itself but also with the fantasies associated with the practice. Masturbation does not happen without the associated fantasies. When there is frequent involvement in masturbation, with in a short period, the normal fantasies lose its luster and become less stimulating. When the regular fantasies do not provide adequate arousal, it leads to suspicions and worries, in some people, that they are losing their potency due to masturbatory habit.

The bigger chunk of population shift to devising fantasies, which are pervert and deviant in nature to maintain the stimulation levels. The danger of these fantasies, is that when these people go through a real sexual experience, they don’t find is so exciting or pleasurable, as what they have experienced in their wild fantasies. This can lead to dissatisfaction and lack of interest in real time sexual relationship and some times motivate the person to involve in deviant sexual acts. This can jeopardize their marital relationship.

In my experience I have come across many clients who tend to avoid sexual relationships and gain sexual satisfaction by involving in masturbatory practice even after marriage. The other threat to marital relationship from masturbatory habit is that, people who tend to involve in compulsive masturbation, try to reach the climax with in a very minimal time, which can lead to the development of premature ejaculation. Failure to get fully aroused in a real time situation, because of the fantasies, that have been more stimulating can also lead to the development of performance anxiety.

Also frequent masturbation, would create a status, where the person gets pleasure only by the self touch, to which he is habituated any may not be bale to feel the pleasure with the same intensity when their partner touch them during a sexual encounter which can also result in avoidance of real time sexual experience. The world of sexual fantasy is one place where the individual feel fully excited and satisfied. So there is all possibilities that they don’t feel the necessity to mingle with others or build relationships, because they are happy on their own in their own private world.

This factor along with the compulsive thoughts to masturbate, which enforces the tendency to opt for isolation and places where their privacy is not infringed, so that they can involve in the act when ever they feel the need, becomes a barrier in developing social skills. Excessive masturbation can also lead to low self confidence and self esteem, which may be associated with the feelings of guilt associated with the habit or the pervert sexual fantasies, feelings of lack of self control, fear about health and immorality induced by religion and cultures and anxiety about their future marital life.

The habit of masturbation can be treated as a totally harmless one. Preoccupation with the habit and related fantasies does have an impact on the productivity levels and the quality of life every person. So it is necessary that appropriate awareness is created, specifically among adolescents, platforms are provided to them for open minded discussion about their masturbatory practices and adequate training is given to them on exercising control on their masturbatory habits.

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