Is The Cost Of College Too High

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A big question nowadays is that “Is the cost of college too high”. Parents are starting to think that maybe having more than two kids will later cause them finantional issues in the future. Tuition for two kids equals over $30,000 annually for everything that is needed for college. From books, to tution, to dorming, to food. Parents are saving up pennies so their kids can have a better future with a family of their own. But while parents are too busy scraping money from here and there, some are running short on bills to pay and support themselfves.

Sure there are lots of scholarships out there that many high school seniors can apply for and also finantional aid but with all the college stress that is on the students they are expected to keep a certain GPA to keep their schorlarship and the minute the GPA drops, so does the schorship that was paying for their college. College tution is in fact too high and is causing students who should be giving their full undivided attention to their studies start working part time so they can afford their 4 year study or sometimes even more.

Students are forced to take loans from banks, parents are forced to take out money from their savings account.There is no doubt that college costs have shot up through the roof in the past decade or two. An average tuition at four-year colleges are expected to increase 7 percent this school year. Because student’s cant get money from anywhere to pay they put off college until they have enough saved to pay but then there is a gap in age difference between students in classes.

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When these students are this old they have families that they need to support, kids that they need to look after and people who are depending on them to bring home food.

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Is The Cost Of College Too High
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