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10/2/2011 Gobbledygook Gobbledygook is defined as when someone uses an extended amount of words in order to stretch their sentences out. According to Stuart Chase the author of “Gobbledygook” was founded by the Federal Security Agency and was said to help “Break out of the verbal squirrel cage”. Examples of Gobbledygook can be found in such places as academic and legal talk. An example of Gobbledygook can be found in the legal world.

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Gobbledygook is defined by most lawyers as “squandering words, packaging a message with excess baggage and so introducing semantic “noise”.

Basically, it is all the fancy lawyer jargon that they use in order to get their points across and sound professional. The gobble in the legal system is beginning to be banned due to its ineffectiveness. Another common place you can see gobbledygook is in academic talk. An example is when you are writing an essay you are basically using gobbledygook to extend its length.

Most of the professors believe that gobbledygook is needed sometimes because it does help get certain points made and some of the bigger words will have a better definition than the smaller ones. In conclusion, instead of using gobbledygook phrases to extend our writings we should just focus on how clear it is first. The federal security agency gives us a list of examples that can help get rid of the gobble; one example is instead of using “is of the opinion” just use believes. The fsa believes we need to stop producing so much gobble because the clarity of our writing is never there.

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Gobbledygook Examples
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