Diary Of A Mad Black Woman

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Critical Analysis of the Movie: Diary of a Mad Black Woman Produced: 2005 Director: Darren Grant Producer: Tyler Perry Producer: Reuben Cannon Co-Producer: Mike Upton Executive Producer: Tyler Perry Executive Producer: John Dellaverson Line Producer: Joseph P. Genier Executive Producer: Michael Paseornek December 12, 2008 Sociology 100 Critical Analysis of the Movie: Diary of a Mad Black Woman Helen McCarterhas everything that she could possibly want in life: a huge house, lavish lifestyle and a very rich husband.

The morning after attending an awards banquet where her husband (Charles McCarter) receives an award for the most outstanding lawyer of Atlanta, Helen awakes to her husband not in bed on their 18th wedding anniversary.

She then goes to his office to surprise him with lunch but finds him there with another woman and two kids. Helen then arrives home with a U-Haul truck parked in her driveway. When Helen goes in the house she discovers a closet full of a new designer wardrobe that she believes is a surprise from Charles.

But the new wardrobe is not the anniversary surprise that she was expecting. Charles comes home that evening to tell her that he is divorcing her for a younger woman and to be with his two sons. When Helen refuses to leave, Charles has to drag her out of the house and shut the door on her. Helen is left outside the door crying and is rescued by the U-Haul driver (Orlando) that she eventually throws out of the U-Haul truck.

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Helen then turns to her mother, grandmother (Madea) and her cousin (Brian) who take her in and help her put God back in her life.

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Helen learns how to stand on her own two feet for the first time in her life. When her husband is almost killed by a vengeful client, Helen is faced with the decision of having the heart to forgive him despite all the pain he has put her through. But after much thought, she decides to marry her boyfriend (Orlando).

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Diary Of A Mad Black Woman
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