Pros & Cons of Corn Coffee Consumption

Filipinos’ Coffee Drinking Habits

Majority of Filipinos are coffee drinkers. The turning figure of java stores in about every corner of the tube has become the most apparent indicant that the java industry is a thriving concern. Whether it’s a signifier of societal activity or merely a favourite interest. imbibing java has become an inevitable tendency. With the popularity of java as a drink comes the cautious attempt to decrease the caffeine intake particularly among wellness witting consumers. Hence. presenting alternate drinks that will allow people bask imbibing java without worrying excessively much caffeine consumption.

Advantages of Drinking Corn Coffee

“Corn java expressions and gustatory sensations like your good ol’ caffeinated java. but it is healthier to imbibe. Possibly a differentiation comes with the olfactory property since maize java comes from land. roasted maize. ” explained Mr. Chito Rodriguez of the Institute of Plant Breeding-University of the Philippines Los Banos ( IPB-UPLB ) in a seminar talk organized by the Bureau of Agricultural Research ( BAR ) .

In the presentation titled. “Corn Coffee: Health and Economic Benefits. ” Rodriguez underscored the “dark side of caffeine” one common of which are panic onslaughts.

“Caffeine consumption triggers the fight-or-flight mechanism in our organic structures. When the battle onslaught manner wears off. panic onslaught starts. We get nervous. jittery. sweaty. and rickety. Caffeine is besides habit-forming so one time we get into the wont of acquiring our caffeine hole. our organic structure begins to hunger the encouragement that we get from it. If we fail to acquire the dosage of caffeine that our organic structure has adapted to.

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we become cranky. tired. and even depressed. ” Rodriguez explained. Given the side effects of caffeine. he advised seeking java maize alternatively. The healthful benefit.

Basically. the healthful benefits came from maize which is packed with critical foods that provide energy. growing and development. and modulate bodily maps. “Although some of these may hold been reduced after roasting and crunching the maize. the indispensable foods are still at that place. Every 100 gm of maize java contains saccharides. fibre. ash. protein. and antioxidants. ” explained Rodriguez. In a gustatory sensation trial conducted after the seminar. Mr. Patrick Lesaca. one of the participants and a java partisan. revealed that. “corn java does look like your regular cup of java. except that it smells roasted maize.

” “Clearly. a great differentiation comes with the wellness value of maize java. The dark liquid you are imbibing is caffeine free and is healthier. ” Rodriguez added. Aside from the alimentary value. Rodriguez enumerated some of the healthful benefits one can acquire from imbibing maize java. “It can command diabetes. prevent cardiovascular disease. lower high blood pressure. cut down cholesterin degree. minimise hazard of colon malignant neoplastic disease. and prevent neural-tube defects in babies. ” he reported. The economic benefit Corn java is non new.

In fact. people in the state have been boiling their roasted. land maize as option to java. Currently. with the coming of new engineerings and the demand for healthy option. maize java has already reached the mainstream market. It is being commercially sold and is available in the supermarket. one of which is the celebrated Sumilao Corn Coffee™ . “But if you want to bring forth your ain java. it’s easy. Ground maize is roasted until the colour turns to dark brown. The ensuing java pulverization is boiled for 10-15 proceedingss.

You merely let the deposits to settle and so acquire the black liquid and so your hot maize java is ready to function. Sugar and pick can besides be added to heighten the gustatory sensation. ” explained Rodriguez. The production cost of maize java is inexpensive. “One kg of maize when processed can bring forth an about one kg of java. ” he said. When packaged. the production cost is about Php120 per kg. Corn java is presently being sold in the market from Php 350 – Php 500 for every kg. This means at least Php230 net income for every kg of maize java sold.

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