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The following sample essay on while both of these stories have different themes regarding cultural issues, the characters involved similarly have their own reasons that compel them to oppose their individual situations. In Amy Tan’s “Two Kinds” and in Tom Woodlouse’s “Blue Winds Dancing”, both narrators choose nonconformity regarding their unique situations, but have different motivations for doing so. In “Two Kinds”, the narrator struggles to be the ideal daughter that her mother wishes her to be.

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Having come from China where she ad lost her home and her entire family, Including her first two daughters, her mother places a huge burden of becoming famous and successful on the narrator.

The opening paragraph of this story, quite plainly, tells of the mother’s lofty goals for her daughter. “My mother believed you could be anything you wanted to be in America. You could open a restaurant. You could work for the government and get good retirement.

You could buy a house with no money down. You could become rich. You could become Instantly famous”. After falling to master many efferent talents to ultimately become the prodigy her mother wishes her to become, the mother enrolls her in piano lessons and buys her a piano. The narrator deliberately fails to learn the piano as an act of defiance against her mother. She biblically humiliates her mother at a talent show where she plays terribly. She purposely fails to live up to her mother’s expectations of her.

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She knows she cannot possibly conform to her mother’s dreams for her, so she decides that rebellion Is her only choice. In Tom Wheelhouse “Blue Winds Dancing”, the narrator Is a Native

American living in the western united States. It is here while attending college that he learns that he will never fit into white culture. Having gone off to college and attempting to conform to white society, the narrator feels as if he has rebelled against his own people in doing so. But soon he realizes that being civilized is Just too tiresome for him. “l am weary of trying to keep up this bluff of being civilized. These Cleveland white men want us to be Just Like them – always dissatisfied – getting a hill and wanting a mountain. He longs to be back at home on he reservation, to be one with nature again, and be with his own people. But having left the reservation for college, he wonders if his people, and especially his father, will accept him back. The narrator begins a long Journey back to his home in Wisconsin by train-hopping. All along the way he worries his people will not accept him any longer. He is confused as to where he really does belong. His confusion Is ended with Immediate acceptance when he finally enters his home and his father, though not saying a word to him, embraces him.

His father then instructs him to go lone to the lodge, where his father will later accompany him. At the lodge he is met with happiness in the eyes of everyone there. His people accept him. Cultural background and individual choices on why to rebel make these stories differ. They are similar In that both narrators ultimately choose their own form of rebellion In “Two Kinds” the daughter realizes that she will never be happy unless she stands up to near mother, aspect ten Tact Tanat seen must rule near mothers nope In ten process. In Woodlouse’s story, the narrator chooses what the path of least resistance for him is.

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