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Building Relations – The United States and Japan Essay

The relationship between Japan and United states is much likely complex and multifaceted. The relationship began since the mid nineteenth century, when Japan opened its country on July 2nd, 1853, followed by Matthew C. Perry.Both country got benefit from this relationship; Japan received natural resources from the United States, and the United States were able to access other Asian areas through Japan. However, the Great Depression in 1929 annihilated the Treaties and led the Japanese expansion. Even though Secretary of the State, Henry L Stimson sent a letter to Japan on January 7th 1932, to warn farther expansion of Japan known as the Stimson Doctrine, it did nothing to halt Japanese expansion. As the evidence of Yosuke Matsuoka, a Japanese diplomat's announcement on February 1933, Japanese withdrew from the League of Nations stunning the World: known as the beginning of the strained relationship between Japan and the United States. This tension deteriorated throughout the 1930’s and eventually led to the war. After the defeat of Japan in WWII, United States held a dominant role in occupying policies in Japan. As the evidence of Japanese Emperor Hirohito;s immediate report to United States, US considered and answered to the Japanese urgent need of food and shelter for recover the country. Throughout America;s occupation of Japan in 1945 to 1952, the United States restructured the Japanese government and gave a foothold to Japan. Itfirst employed punitive economic policies, but later United States tried to establish independent and self-sufficient country in Japan. The United States and Japan were once enemies because of the difference in politic values; US held democratic value and Japan held imperialistic value. Even they once thought each other as a significant rival that had to be destroyed, the relation altered to a variable allies and supported each other in many ways to encourage the country power.Overtime,…

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